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Part of reason I started a blog is to get out of my "comfort zone" when it comes to baking and cooking. Without it, I would never of tried something called "Haupia" or a Blueberry Cake from scratch... or a grilled tart. It's like a Christopher Columbus of cooking, going out into the unknown... except without a ship full of sweaty, salty seadogs, and sailing off the edge of the world.

But... there is always a time and place for Classics. Just like The Beatles, Elvis, The Godfather, I Love Lucy, Chevy Corvette's... some things just withstand the test of time. They are that old friend that says "Dude, I can't let you down... I started it all"

Chocolate Chip Cookies do that. While you may have a unique favorite dessert, or definitely a more complicated one... who in their right mind does not like chocolate chip cookies? There are two camps of people... people who like chocolate chip, and people who love them. There are no haters. Chocolate Chip Cookie should run for president. He/She would unite the land. I'd vote for that. Make cookie, not war.

So a bunch of my good looking girl friends came up this weekend to see NYC (Veggie Girl's proclaimed city of choice). They wanted something classic for the long car ride back home. Here's a failsafe cookie recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe by Adam - makes 18-24
-1 1/3 cups whole wheat pastry flour

-1 cup packed brown sugar

-1/4 tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 egg, slightly beaten

-1/4 cup butter, melted
-2 tsp vanilla extract

-4 oz of both milk and dark chocolate chips or chopped up chocolate

Preheat your oven to 350*. Get two cookie sheets ready, ungreased. The cookies probably won't stick, so don't worry.

In a medium sized bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt, until well incorporated. Just use a wooden spoon, it's a old school and a good workout.

In a small cup or bowl, stir the melted butter, egg, and vanilla extract together. Add this to the dry ingredients and stir until the dough comes together. It should smell delicious and become brown and shiny. If there are some crumbs still on the bottom or the dough doesn't want to come together, just keep at it. Eventually it will form a tough, sticky like dough. Fold the chocolate chips into the dough until they are evenly distributed.

Using two teaspoons, place heaping doughfuls onto the pans, leaving some space for them to spread out. Bake for 8-14 mins, or until the edges lightly brown and the cookies are firm to the touch. Don't overbake these... they kind of firm up as they cool. Cool on the pans for a minute, and then immediately place on a cooling rack until completely cool... if you can wait that long.

Well, this is going to be a shorter than usual Adam post. I'm going to try and update this site a bit, add some more of my cool new friends blogs, and maybe change the layout. I feel there's a lot of wasted space. Does anyone have any reccomendations for cool widgets or blog templates? I would take last place in the computer user olympics, so any help would be great. Drop me an email. I'll post about my NYC trip later this week once the girls get me some pictures, and I have to take care of some unfinished award business I've been putting off. Oh, and don't worry, FFF will be back a la usual. I've only just begun to talk health and fitness. Let me know what direction you want it steered in :)
Sailing away

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I'm the same way - starting my blog has DEFINITELY encouraged me to try baking new, "intimidating" sweets; but there's nothing wrong with going for a classic recipe - especially one for the quintessential chocolate chip cookie!! :0)

For FFF, how about something about different energy bars, and whether or not they're worth it? Feature a Larabar, perhaps?? ;0)

I agree with VeggieGirl, sometimes all you want are a few chocolate chip cookies! I need to make some with whole wheat flour again.

I started my blog as a creative outlet because my job doesn't allow for me to write about my cooking (which sucks big time) and I have all of this culinary energy inside of me, and the only way to get it out is a blog! So I'm not the only one who can see what I produce in the kitchen.

I love the whole wheat pastry flour in these cookies. I've been baking more, and these cookies will just have to be tried out next week. I'm excited!

If there is one recipe that never gets old it's the chocolate chip cookie. I just made 2 batches today with a few tweaks in my never ending quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie.

What is the texture of these cookies like? I would love to try a recipe with whole wheat flour, but I prefer chewy cookies with a crunch on the outside.

The cookies look great considering how little butter you used.

Honestly, I need major help on my layout too.. I don't even have a banner!

Who doesn't like the classic choc chip cookie? I think your blog looks great! At least you would take last in the computer Olympics...I don't think I would even qualify to go :)

Hey I've also made chocolate chip cookies for my friend that was visiting to take with him on his way home. Guess great minds think alike he? Definetly chocolate chip cookies are girls! I like your version of them, slighty healthier!

Adam, these look amazing! I want some. Right. Now. And a big old glass o' milk.

"All my girlfriends?" Wow, how many do you juggle at one time??:) Just kidding, kiddo. Chocolate chip cookies are the bomb. Yes, they are classics that will NEVER go out of style. Thanks for the great post Adam.

Make cookies not war - exactly.
I must say Adam, your pictures get better and better. As Tommy Lee says "... it just gets yummier and yummier.." :-)
I have never made cookies with whole wheat flour. I need to try that.
It sounds like you had a good time in NYC, I'm so jealous as I haven't been there in almost a year now. Last time I stayed at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square, let me tell you the energy in that area at night is amazing.
I hope there will be pics soon from you?

...mmm...chocolate chip cookies...

Adam, you can never go wrong with ccc's. I have two friends that fight each other over who has the better recipe... the debate always comes down to dark brown vs. light brown sugar - which do you use?
Exploring new things is also one of my favorite things about blogging! for me it was a clafouti... haha, when else would I wake up on a sunday morning and make clafouti for me and my roomies?

Make cookie, not war=best quote ever.

I love ccc - there's nothing better. These look perfect!

Good blogger templates are hard to find. Most are really, really ungly. There's this site called, Suck My Lolly, and she has some cool ones. Kind of girly though. What do you have questions about? If you need any help, let me know. I can make cool headers!

I've discovered ccc via food bloggers (might be a classic in the US, but not in Europe) and never looked back ever since. Your ccc look great and I love that you used whole wheat flour!

Oh chocolate chip cookies. I love this recipe, just by reading it I know they are GOOD! I love classics too.

Wholewheat flour and cinnamon? That's a really interesting spin on a classic. They certainly look beautiful.

You're a really good friend to be sending your friends on their way with homemade cookies. The best I managed to muster for my visiting friends a couple of weeks ago was to provide them with a bagel breakfast prior to a hiking trip.

What, no week long wait in the fridge? ;)
It's nice when you can just bake and eat a choc chip cookie, innit?

By the way, you forgot the 'Obsessed with, will trip you for the last one' camp of CC cookie eaters. Guess which one I'm in?

Does the wholewheat pastry flour make a difference to the way these taste?

ha although i already have a few good chocolate chip cookie recipes i was searching for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe to try. I t seems you read my mind :-)
I ll try it soon and let you know the outcome. You ll see pics on my blog . Thanks for the recipe. I agree with you a blog really motivates and pushes you to a new limit. I just started mine and i really enjoy it.

Yum Adam! Your cookies look great! They seem to not have much fat, but they don't look as though they are missing any. They look CHEWY, which is my favorite quality in a cookie. I might just have to give them a go!

Good luck with fixing up and changing up your blog. Isn't it never ending?! I am so not happy with mine right now, but don't have the time, inspiration, or energy to go for it, but probably soon. I have no suggestions for you, but I'm sure you have a lot of friends who have a real talent for it {I don't!} and can help you out. Again, good luck!

What a delicious and healthy version of the chocolate chip cookie... I love that you used whole wheat flour. Nice recipe Adam.

Classics are timeless and perfect. Just like your cookies. I love the addition of whole wheat flour. Way to go healthy!

A good chocolate chip cookie is an essential to happiness, in my opinion. These look perfect!

nice blog!

Well,well dear Adam I was waiting by you recipe, I love to see what you made and read that you post!! I love chocolates cookies and the childs OF COURSE, I think to made some of these send to the school to my childs I dont know I think what send them and I dont like the other food, you know, that in bags!!Is really a nice recipe Adam Thanks!!!! gloria

There is nothing better than a classic chocolate chip cookie... except that all this talk of cookies is making me hungry!!

Aw, a perfect treat for the ladies! Sweets for the sweets? ;)

Love the ww flour! I really love making my cheats more healthy!

I find that blogging keeps me really creative. I have readers who keep me going and trying to come up with interesting and more creative dishes! Food blogging RULES!

Chocolate chip cookies are the first thing I remember learning how to cook. I'm always playing with the amount of whole wheat flour to all-purpose and the amount and kinds of sweeteners. I can't wait to give yours a try.

Veggie - Ya know the energy bar thing is a great idea... I'll look into that

Christina - You're so right, chocolate kind of goes with the nutty flour taste

Nik - I'm glad we all get to see your creative side too :)

Steph - The texture all comes down to how long you bake them. Do not overbake these things, and they will be chewy awesome.

Lisa - Thanks alot. We'll make a cookie Olympics sometime.

Cookie - Ha, why yes we do :)

Elle - Milk is a total necessity.

Teresa - Ha, Juggling is hard, magic is more of my thing :)

Dawn - Yeah I'll put some up this week. I was just compared to Tommy Lee... I never would of guessed that :) You an 80's fan?

Kev - Ha you said it bud.

Tony - Dude I would love to be your room mate if that was the case. I usually roll with light brown sugar, it's more neutral but still really good.

Em - Thanks I just made that up. Maybe I'll take you up on a header.

Lore - CCC are an American thing? Cool.

Ben - Thanks dude, classics rock

Rachel - Thanks! Hey, bagels are nothing to sniff at, that's some great hiking food.

Snooky - Thanks a lot. Let me know what kind of cookie recipes you have too.

Nats - Thanks! I think your blog looks great already. Lots of character.

Pam - Thanks. WW flour is our friend here.

Dragon - Thanks cookie buddy :)

Meg - Thanks Meg. Your blog is sweet too.

Gloria - Ha, I'm sure the kids love them.

Lo - Ha, well there's a remedy for that.

Jenn - I couldn't agree more. Sweets for sweets... I like that

Maggie - Thanks. I'm an experimenter too, isn't it great?

these are the definitely the most good looking choco chips I ever laid my eyes ...:-) looks delicious!

just like you I'm planning to change my lay-out and header too!! I'm never satisfied. Anyways, I'm not an expert but I can help you if you want :-) just call my name and I'll be there!!LOL cant wait to see the photos of your NYC trip

btw, i agree with emiline most blogger template are not really nice the best ones are wordpress LOL but lets see what we can do :-)

Wow - I am craving choccy chip cookies now... big style!

I just did a big site overhaul - I decided to re-write a template myself but there are loads of nice ones out there. And it's easier now to add widgets to blogger than it used to be!

Anyway, if you want a hand with it give me a shout! Oh - I have a good link somewhere about customising blogs - I'll try to hunt it out now!

Trying new things is what blogging is all about. I can't tell you how many new ingredients I have tried since starting mine (goat cheese, anyone?) And your cookies are so amazing, I want some right now!

I am making these cookies this week. They look perfect. Whole wheat flour is one of my new favorite ingredients to cook with.

They turned out really nice.