Slice of Cranberry Heaven

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Well James Brown said it best... I Feel Good. Really, really, really good. Well, I don't want to get into any type of bragging mode or anything, but I have a bunch of reasons.
  • I don't have to go to school ever, ever again
  • The Jets are 8-3 and probably one of the best teams in the AFC
  • My workouts are going really well
  • I have a month of relaxing ahead of me
  • The holidays are coming, and thankfully, I don't get stressed out by them
  • Oh, I'm a doctor
So, that's my new life in a nutshell. Yes, I've been away from blogging more than I'd like, but I had a couple of loose ends to tie up. Sure, I still have traveling and a few interviews to do still, but at least there's no more homework... ever. If you can't imagine how awesome this is, just think of the second best feeling in your life :) Thanks to everyone wishing me well, I really appreciate it, and if you need any health doctor-y advice, I'm here for ya best I can.

So onto the baking. Earlier this week was my mother's birthday. Now, she's not one to fuss about birthdays and always gives me the "don't get me anything" line. I'm sure you've recieved the same thing before sometime. The celebration person in question looks you in the eye, and with sincerity that could fool a lie detector machine and win an Oscar, tells you not to do anything special for them.

Ladies, and especially gentlemen... this is a trap. Come on, you have to do something. Seriously. I mean it's your mom... she was there to hang your demented stick looking dog picture on the fridge when you were 4. Do something.

The problem I had was that this year, her birthday is really wicked close to Thanksgiving. I didn't want to send the house into dessert overload prematurely, so I needed something light, festive, and fall. I scratched my head, and thought for a bit.

Don't think chocolate... we are not a chocolate household. It's tough right? It's like golfing without clubs... so without further adieu... I give you...

Cranberry Orange Angel Food Cake. Just what the doctor ordered (or made). Light, simple, easy to throw together, and uniquely awesome. Plus there's like no fat. This is a bodybuilders post workout dream of fluffy cloud tart goodness.

Cranberry Orange Angel Food Cake
Recipe by Adam

-1 cup cake flour

-1 1/2 cups of sugar

-12 egg whites

-1 tsp cream of tartar

-1/4 tsp salt -1 tsp vanilla
-1 tbsp Grand Marnier

-2 tsp orange zest

-6 oz fresh cranberries

Super easy recipe. Preheat your oven to 350*. Set your rack to the bottom if you are using an angel food cake pan, or middle if you are using something else.

In a large, metal or glass bowl (make sure it's clean, no grease or grime), whip the egg whites with an electric mixer. Don't use your arms... they will probably fall off. Whip the whites on medium speed for a bit, and mix in the cream of tartar and salt. Take the speed up a notch, and as it comes together, add a little of the sugar, about 1/4 cup at a time. Keep adding sugar as the whites increase in volume, and all of the sugar has been used. You want some soft to semi firm peaks forming.

Fold in the flour, gently, and return to beating the mixture so it's well incorporated. Once the flour is in, add the vanilla, orange zest, and Grand Mariner. Fold in the cranberries last, and make sure everything is well blended.

Pour the batter into the angel food pan, making sure it's very clean of grease and dirt, and smooth over evenly. Place the pan into the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until the top of the cake is golden brown, and dry to the touch.
Immediately take the pan out of the oven and flip it over, so the dome cylinder thing in the pan is supporting the pan and cake. Let it cool like this until it's cool. Run a knife around the edge, and take it carefully out. Serve it up.

This cake was a nice Fall festive change of pace for the impending (but in a good way) Thanksgiving countdown. I think the fall flavors mixed well nicely, and the tartness of the cranberries work well with a cake that is pretty much all sugar. Insulin can definitely be a delicious thing :) Did the cranberries sink to the bottom? Yup. Did I try to coat them with four? Yup. But there's a couple of things I learned this week...

4 dogs in your house is too many... people are picky about their Thanksgiving traditions and changing up their favorite foods... and cranberries don't like to be coated in flour :)

So to all my good blogging buddies, give this cake a try when you want something that's not heavy and rich. You'll be impressed, just like I'm impressed at all the awesome food creations out there recently. Keep it real, and I'll be back this week :)

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i started singing along, just for you :) congrats, dr! second best feeling in the world? haha. Really, clouds are the best way to describe! I found that too, that you can't really mess with tradition... at some point you'll have to start new ones, right?

hope you've enjoyed the dogs, and have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

Haha, congratulations Doc!! And yummm, that angel food cake looks heavenly. Damn that was a crappy pun. =(

And yaaay to the Jets! I'm loving this year's football season too, since the Cal Bears smushed Satndfurs... hohooo!

Congrats, Dr Adam! The cake looks great. It is nice to have a lighter dessert.

Congratulations ! Your must have given your mum one of the best presents ever :) This cake looks heavenly its like a cloud. Perfect !! :)


That cake looks fabulous -- so light and fluffy!

cranberry and orange? They're like two peas in a pod...I love this!

Good deal here!


You're darn right you have to do something for Mom! And, boy, what a great job you did. My angel food cakes always come out half-hearted. Yours looks beautiful.

One of my favorite things to do, with people like you, is to say whenever you enter a room, "Is there a DOCTOR in the house?" And now you can say YES!!! Congratulations. That is really awesome. AND it's time to change your profile!

Oh sweetie, this angel food cake is beautiful. Mama must be so proud. I'm (natcho) mama, but I'm proud of you too. "My foodie friend, the Doctor!" AND, ladies and gentlemen, he likes to cook. Kudos to you dear one. A wonderful life is ahead of you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. Big hugs.

Wow - a doctor and no more school - ever. Pretty cool Adam...congrats.

What a special treat to give your mom for her b-day - I am sure it tasted as good as it looks. Great photos.

"Let it cool like this until it's cool" wins best sentence! Congratulations on changing your name to doctor, I allways liked Adam, but Doctor is pretty cool too!
I bet mom was so happy with her cranberry tatin angel food cake made by her own angel. Looks really good, really really!

you're a doctor? that's like, so cool!

CON-FREAKING-GRATULATIONS, MY FRIEND!!!!!!!! You should be BEYOND proud of yourself, sir. Kudos!!!

Love that angel food cake too ;-)

Yayyyy, officially Dr. Backcracker...good job!! A month off, no stress at Christmas, a gorgeous cake to eat - you're not really human are you!! Life is good.

Heh, Dr. Adam! Don't forget to add a disclaimer to any advice you give out via the interwebz. =p

I never understood why people say 'don't get me anything' when they don't truly mean it. When I say it, I actually mean it.

Now that's a great recipe! I love the combination of orange and cranberry. But... I don't even have an angel food cake pan.

Congrats Doctor! This cake looks like true Angel Food heaven!

Should we call you Dr. Dynamite? The end is near for me too (I mean that in a positive way). But, I can't help but be a tinge envious. Will you defend my thesis for me? Ok thanks.

Oh...and can I have a slice of the angel food cake while you're doing it?

Congrats Adam on graduating! It must feel nice not to be swamped with homework.. ever! I'm sure your interviews will rock because of all your awesomeness. That angel food cake looks amazing. I havn't attempted one since I really messed up the first time I made it and ended up with something raw yet burnt and chewy..not a nice combination.


Are you sure you don't want to be a baker? Your cake looks awfully good.

I like what Psychgrad suggested... we now shall call you Dr. Dynamite :) Congrats!! So exciting and relieving, I'm sure.

What a great angel food cake idea. Love the crans in there. Never have thought to put those in an angel food cake.

What's up doc? Congratulations for becoming officially a doctor and Happy birthday to your mum. She must be really proud of you. The cake looks super delicious but I have a question. What did you do with the 12 egg yolks?

Do I know that feeling! I still wake up in the morning thinking about positive stuff and the second thing that comes to my mind is "I don't have to go to school anymore!" but then my empathy kicks in and I remeber that my cousins still have to.
My mom gives me the line for her b-day and I've started to do the same (OMG I'm turning into my mother! LOL). The cake looks just like fluffy clouds and the cranberries showing through make it even more special! Happy b-day to your mom!!!

"I don't have to go to school ever, ever again"
- it's a pretty good feeling, right? Nothing like it. Congrats, Dr Adam! Well done! That cake looks gorgeous too, but sweet mercy, 12 egg whites!? I've so heard that "don't get me anything" line, basically it means the exact opposite, right? :)

Whoa, I just re-read my comment and saw that I'd completely mangled Stanford's name. Oops. Freudian slip there?

Congratulations on finishing school! Good luck in your new career.

I've never been a big fan of angelfood cake, but your version has me seriously reconsidering that position. Cranberries are a good thing.

cheers to the new doctor who doesn't need to go to school anymore, and who bakes an amazing cranberry orange angel food cake!!! you are one heck of a guy... your family must be so proud of you... belated birthday greetings to your mom... btw, passed an award to you the other day... :)

I remember that feeling of finally being done with school. It was great. And then came the first payment, of many, of the student loans. UGH. Am I being like debbie downer here? LOL
Well, Dr. Adam, you rock, you're hot, and I can feel your joy waaaaaaay over here. Congrats dude.
Oh! Love the fact that you used grand cookie. So you must like crepes then?
Have a good turkey day...I'm busy working, but I don't mind as I work for myself and this time of year I make a lot of cash.

Congratulations, Dr. Adam!! I am SO excited for you! Such an incredible accomplishment!! WOW!! You rock!!

Your cake is quite a big WOW too!! Positively gorgeous!

(giggles - I grew up in a 4 dog, 3 cat household, so I can very vividly picture the 4 dog chaos you're experiencing... :-)


I've been craving angelfood cake for like the past week..................

okay. your post was really funny, too. i started pissing myself when you said "oh, i'm a doctor." i'm guessing that you just got your phd, but i could be wrong since i just started reading your blog... and i naturally have blonde hair haha

that cake looks really fabulous. i'm sure your mom loved it!! or at least said she did because she's your mom.

What a great sounding cake, never would have thought of using cranberries in it. Great holiday cake.

that looks sooper delish

Angel food cake is one of my favs!!! So fluffy and light!!!

And you got some serious reasons to feel good! Guess you should say the prayer before the Turkey dinner! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Adam!! The first bite of your turkey is mine!!lol

ps, i thought i was having problem in leaving comment on your blog but then..i realised it was my dumbness lol

Congratulations, Dr.! What an amazing achievement! Yay for no more homework. Your cake is lovely. I thought of cake clouds when I saw it.

Oopsie. I just realized I posted my comment on this post in your last post. I'm a little dumb that way.

im happy for you,
ur new life sounds very relaxing.
and cranberry orange angel food cake looks so moist and delicious.

I can't remember if I commented on this post before, sooo congrats Dr. Adam!! Has the reality sunk in yet? I'm excited for this semester to be over because I love the holidays (I don't stress out either because I have no parties to throw :( ) but I was thinking about finally graduating in May, and I started mentally freaking out. Did you get any fun grad gifts?

Looks like heaven to me! And a huge Congrats!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! You are amazing!

Well that's a nice way to end the year on a positive note. Good luck on the interviews!

Congrats Dr. Adam!!!

Your cake looks DELICIOUS!!! :)

Happy Holidays.. :)

So we get to call you Doc from now on! Congratulations!
That is one fluffy light cake, but what does one do with all that egg yolks?

Gorgeous cake, and the perfect light dessert. Congrats to you, Dr. Adam!

And shuddup about your Jets, lol.

P.S. I just tagged you with a non-obligatory MeMe - really just an opportunity for me to talk about the awesomenss of your blog... :-) You rock, Dr. Adam!

Congrats on wrapping up school!

The cake looks wonderful and as a fruit over chocolate person I'd be thrilled to have it for a birthday cake. I'm sure your mom loved it. Did you weigh the cranberries or do you mean 3/4 cup?

Hey Doctor! Congrats!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I'm still recovering from my blog nervous break-down. But there is just a tiny hand-full of bloggers I've really, really missed -and of course you're one of them.

Hope your holiday season is shaping up to be great and that you're doing well!

Hey - I'm on Adam withdrawal over here. Aren't you supposed to have more time when you finish school? :)

I sure hope so - I'm nearly there myself.

Drop us a post when you get a chance.

Congratulations, Doctor! :-) Belated Birthday wishes to your mother, and the cake is such a wonderful gesture. Belated Happy Thanksgiving too. Been missing visiting your space, hope to catch up.

Oh! I forgot, I passed on an award to you. Please do collect:-)

Isn't being DONE with school just the most awesomest? Nothing like it.

I love angel food cake - the way it's a bit tangy, and it kinda melts in your mouth and is airy. Love that.

Hey Adam... everything ok w/ you? Are you in relaxation mode since you're all done w/ school?

Drop a quick post when you feel up to it. I miss your humor :)

I love how light & airy angel food cake is. It's so good in the spring/summer with strawberry short cake but I love your fall/winterish twist on it!

Mmmm... this angel food cake looks delish! I love the flavor combination!

I would love to write about your recipe on our blog! If you are interested send me an email at :)


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