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Inspiration comes in all forms. You can watch, you can read, and sometimes ideas just come to you out of the blue. While the last method doesn't happen to me too often, I have to rely on the first two, which is where other blogs come into play. A blogger bud of mine is Astra Libris, of Food For Laughter. As Billy Joel would say, she "has a way about her" that makes her approachable and friendly, and is a primary reason as to why her blog is the 2nd best thing in Georgia next to peaches. She did one of these "Getting to Know You" things, and while they have no recipes or baking involved, I think they are quite a bit of fun. We come here not only to look and drool, but to learn. Life is about learning about yourself and others and we're all alot closer than we think. So here's a disclaimer: This post is all about me and my thoughts. If you'd like to sit and listen, hey pull up a seat :)

Getting to Know Me...

What is your current obsession?
Saving money for a house. Balancing work and play. Beating my logbook each workout. Trying to GAIN weight (try not to laugh).

What is your weirdest obsession?
One of the weirdest things I do is that I don't eat starchy carbohydrates after 5pm. I eat about 6 or 7 times a day, and am always hungry, but I've always prescribed to the idea that people eat too many carbs in general, and raising insulin when you don't need it is a probable idea for fat gain. So when I go out to dinner with friends, they kinda know what I'm getting. If it's late... yup it's salad and protein, no sugary dressings. Boring? Maybe... but it works for me :)

Starbucks or Peets?
We don't have Peets over here. Actually I've never even heard of one. It must be one of those crazy West Coast things like surfing and implants (of course I'm kidding... kinda)

What's for Dinner?
I'm in the mood for a ratatouille I think. Some veggies, some good sauce, and some good protein. It's hot outside, so simple works great today.

What would you eat for your last meal?
That's a tough one. This is random and won't go together at all, but I'll go with... Grilled lobster, not too sweet cornbread, pierogi, roasted veggies, and vanilla fried ice cream.What was the last thing you bought?
Haha well this was not intentional. I thought I was just getting an oil change and my brakes checked for my car... and it turned into a pretty $$ job. But at least I can drive safely now :)

What are you listening to right now?
Whatever the Winamp is giving me. It's gone through Miles Davis, Behemoth, Allison Krauss, and Poison in the past few minutes.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I always have to give two choices for this... a simple flavor, and a flavor that's more jazzed up. The simple flavor is easy, strawberry. The jazzed one is something that I don't see around here in NC, but I had back home. It was a 4th of July Flavor called Fireworks. Vanilla ice cream with cherry swirl and blue pop rocks. Can you imagine? Very festive and cool :)

What do you think of the person who tagged you?
She's a cool cat with a caring personality and a very demanding but rewarding profession. She has tons of great things going for her, and I couldn't be happier for her.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Sweet like instant world travel! I'd like to check out Europe for a little while, there's a bunch of cool people in France and Portugal that I know :)

Which language do you want to learn?
There's two here. First, for my career, I wish I knew more Spanish. Yes, I took it in high school like everyone else and their mother... but if you don't use it, you lose it. Those 5 or so years have been whittled down to about a months worth. If I was to learn something from scratch, I wish I could learn Polish, because it's a part of my heritage and very interesting.

What is your favorite color?
I like colors that tend to catch your eye, but aren't obnoxious, does that make sense? Like yellow is eye catching, but it screams at you... so no go. I tend to wear alot of blue, green, brown, and not too bright reds. I think the color white is to boring, and when I have a home, it will be colorful, that I promise you :)

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
I'm not going to pull the total sexist card... but dude, I'm a guy... and a kind of old fashioned one. T-shirt and jeans or shorts. They are comfortable, they are timeless, and you can move in them. I'm not a huge clothes shopper, and have no problem wearing the same things year in and out, within reason. Remember pumps, shoulder pads, and stonewash? Yeah not so much...

What is your dream job?
I am very lucky to have found a job I truely enjoy, and is downright challenging everyday. I like the challenge because it is never boring, and tests me different each day. There's clinical exams and diagnosis, approaches to treatment, a little psychology with listening to people, teamwork with staff and playing well with others, business and advertising strategy, community involvement... it's never ending, but in a good way. I have to wear different hats (doctor, friend, support, business) and it makes me well rounded. Am I exaushted at the end of the day? Yeah some days are long, but I sleep well knowing I made a difference to someone. This one patient told me our office "blew the other ones away". That's special. (And Astra, my handwriting is not THAT bad)

What is your worst habit?
I try to multitask, when honestly, I can't. If someone is talking, and I'm listening, while tryin to take notes, and think of things in my head, and the phone is ringing... something has to suffer. I only have so many brain cells. I try... but then I have to wait and go "ok focus on this first".

If you had $100 right now, what would you spend it on?
Back to the expensive oil change car thing... yup put it towards that...

Do you admire anyone's style?
I'm not afraid to admit, and this would of been the same answer months ago... Michael Jackson. Politics and stuff aside, the man was the definition of gifted and style. Second place goes to Elvis, another hero of mine.
What are you going to do after this?
Head to the gym to stretch, do some abs and cardio, and probably to the office to do my own rehab for my back and joints.

What are you favorite movies?

Another tough one. Lethal Weapon, Wayne's World, Goodfellas... alot of your typical ones.

What is your favorite fruit?
I've been known to eat entire cantelopes...

What is your favorite book?
I'm not a big fiction book reader. I've never really had the time until maybe just now, and I guess I'd rather spend it learning other things. I really liked The Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollan Low Back Disorders by McGill, Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes by Sahrman, and Starting Strength by Rippingtoe.

Do you collect something?
Not really. We all collect recipes, don't we?

What is your favorite smell?
Vanilla, coffee, and the smell the air has just before it rains. Think about it, you know what I mean :)

What are you most proud of?
I don't want to sound arrogant or preachy, but I am literally proud of everything I own and have accomplished. To no fault of our own, our world is based on material things and focused on what "we don't have", and people get down on themselves. They want to lose 5 pounds, they want that car their neighbor has, they want more free time. I think we should focus on what we have and not take it for granted. There is always someone in a worst position than you, so be grateful of what you have. This is why I try not to complain, because I am very lucky and gifted to have friends, family, my health, a good outlook on life, and the ability to be at least somewhat independent. Sorry if that was soap box-ish, I didn't mean it that way.

How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up?
I'm a weirdo. I wake up before the alarm, every single time. I only get and need about 6 hours of sleep, so I usually beat the radio.

Cats or dogs?
Come on... you know the answer. Can't wait til I get a house and one of my own...

What do you dislike about yourself?
I'm not to sure. In a perfect world, I'd still have 100% of my hair I guess, and maybe be a tad taller. But I like myself, and I think things we dislike can even be assets and form who we are.

What do you like best about yourself?
I like the fact that I'm physically and mentally strong. It's something I work to improve, and I think it comes in handy. I also like that people tend to trust and confide in me. I guess I just look like a good guy, which I'm grateful for.

Complete the following: Love is...
Something special. It can build you up, it can tear you down, and it can teach you lessons. For those of you in love with someone, congratulations... that really is cool in a world where all sorts of good and not so good happen. To those of you that are looking, don't sweat it. John Lennon always said it best "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans"

Two Amazing Cooks

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of the weekend :) Feel free to grab this post and fill in your own answers, I'd be interested! Regular scheduled baking should commence this week :)

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What a great post!! Always fun to learn more about fellow bloggers. Oh and I TOTALLY vote for ratatouille for dinner tonight :-)

Adam, sweetie. All I can say is that you are an amazing young man. You're honest, charming, intelligent, a great cook...all these things and yet humble. A good catch. May all your wishes and desires come true. Who are the two lovely "amazing cooks"?
You forgot to mention that you are also a musician. I'm partial to music as you may well know since both my bros play. My hat's off to you young Adam. The world is your oyster...just don't throw it on the grill! :)

I like the smell right after it rains, but mostly the smell of the wet pavement. It reminds me of when me and my brother used to get along. We would go outside and splash in the puddles in the street right after it rained.

Hmmm better than sex gelato, you've got my mind going... :D

Adam, it was so cool to get to know you a little better! I'm not crazy about the rain smells, but I could totally eat an entire cantaloupe too! Well, I could probably do that with any fruit.

Hi Adam Its nice getting to know you a bit more. :) You re a nice person.

Great post. I would never have had the patience to write all that, but I'm sooo glad YOU did.

About the color thing, though, YELLOW is definitely the way to go. Purple and orange are close behind. You HAVE to try this test. It's wild:

Adam, I am so touched and honored by your kind words... I'm blushing and a bit teary-eyed too... :-) You're too sweet!! I'm also way psyched that you wrote up the interview!! Yay for getting to know Adam better! :-) I quite agree with you - I think we do seem similar in personality - hooray for blogger buddies! *hugs*

Fireworks ice cream sounds like so much fun! I completely agree with you about yellow - I can't remember the last time I wore yellow... :-) Oooh, the Omnivore's Dilemma is one of my favorite books too! And your "most proud of" answer wasn't soap-boxish, it was beautiful, uplifting, and I couldn't agree more!

*hugs again* :-)

You are so cute and cool in such an Adamish way! Now I have a doubt, how are these cool people you know in Portugal? I though you would knew me, ahahah!

That was a fun read. I would love to find that ice cream but since I have never seen it, maybe I'll jusy throw some pop rocks over ice cream for the kids on the 4th. Thanks for the creative idea. They will love it!

Elvis Presley!!!

This was a really cute and informative post! Thanks for sharing with us, Adam!

interesting tidbits, my friend. interesting. and enjoyable. like a guilty pleasure tv show. :)

did i ever tell you my last chiropractor told me he'd give me a spanking if i didn't do my stretches between visits. i stopped going.

oooo, billy joel. you rock.

ps - that smell before it rains... beautiful. gets me every time. :)

Fun post my friend! I eat mini meals throughout the day too. I have low blood sugar so it helps me from shaking and it keeps my metabolism up! Anyways, fun learning more about you!

Did you see Transformers yet? We enjoyed it. Kind of cheesy in parts but still entertaining:)

I love memes!

Getting to know you...getting to know all about you. that song is going to be in my head all night.

Buying a house is become my obsession too! No carbs after 5...that's quite the commitment. Not sure I could pull it off.

What a fun post!! I sensed that you are a cool guy and I am really glad to learn all these aspects of your personality.

You sound so optimistic and upbeat. Damn I need to work on that haha It was good to know you a little bit more, and I think I might steal these questions for myself.

p.s. I picked you for the Kreativ Blogger award on my blog.

how fun! and we could all stand to learn a little something from you;) your love, appreciation, and understanding for the work you do and of yourself.

i don't even use an alarm clock, but that doesn't mean i've gotten enough sleep... STEWARTS :) my fav was stargazer light. i recently finished animal, vegetable, miracle which i enjoyed maybe more than omnivore's dilemma! i'd want to learn polish, too. at xmas, we used to have to sing carols in english and polish (that died out with us grandkids tho).

ps- did i mention i'd love to see that plum pierogi recipe? (sorry if i did already, too many things going on!)

What a great post!! Im so glad to know you better. We need to do a cantaloupe eating contest between the two of us to see who could eat more :-) LOL

ps love the last photo!!

Long time no comment! These are fun :)

hmmm...I'm in the west coast and I've never heard of Peets. Must be a midwest thing :D

And yeah, about the whole love thing I'd like to disagree with you if I may, no disrespect intended ;) I don't believe love can tear you down, not real love anyways. In my experience, and yeah I'm still way young, but from what I've seen, it only builds you up and makes you better.

Anyway! Good post!

Exactly! Why WOULDN'T I loathe decorating a cake? :D

Hey now! That was some pretty interesting stuff. I HAVE to have that ice cream or I'll be sad.

So fun Adam! It is always fun to not only see the responses people write on these these, but the very manner in which they write and the details they choose to provide are at times even more telling than the blatant information -the answers.

Anyway, I don't think you should feel bad for the way you eat or what you choose to eat when {referring to a few times where you mentioned protein vs. carbs}. I think it is so strange that people should feel self conscious about eating consciously, but I admit I feel the exact same way you do about it.

Anyway, very fun!