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If I think back to about this time last year, I had a pretty mean cheesecake recipe. Yup, there it is. It has saved me time and time again, and probably my favorite part about it is how easy it is to throw together. I bake a lot of my desserts for "Celebration Fridays" for the staff and patients, and like a couple other hundred things I do... I kinda have to wait until the last minute.

So yeah it gets to be like 9pm on a Thursday, and I'm like... "Oh man, I have to still do that!"

It's a good thing cheesecake requires as much brainpower as watching old Ren&Stimpy cartoons.

So what's up with the different deliciousness this time? Well, now that summer is coming on full tilt, I decided to wish spring a bon voyage with a spring flavor. Lemon. Now, is lemon a spring flavor? To me it is :)

Also, another thing you might notice is that unless it's on s'more's, I try to avoid graham crackers. I dunno, they just taste like cardboard... and totally look like it. So, I try to experiment with different bases for my cheesecake.

Today's culprit are: Animal Crackers... which I think is a pretty cool idea. Who doesn't love animal crackers? I mean they are right there from your youth, next to Kool-Aid, Bugles, and Creepy Crawlers/EZ Bake Ovens. And I found these without trans-fat... which is kind of a special find, seeing how they can sit on the shelf for a little while :)

Animal Cracker Lemon Cheesecake
Recipe by Dr. Adam

-1 - 1.5 cups animal crackers, crushed into small almost powder pieces
-1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
-1/4 cup sugar

-2 pkg. 80z low fat cream cheese
-1/2 cup sugar
-1/2 zest of one lemon (or to taste)
-1 Tbs lemon juice
-1 Tsp vanilla

-2 eggs

Preheat your oven to 350*. Lightly butter a small 8 inch springform pan, or a 12 cup muffin tin (in this case).

To make the crust, place the cracker crumbs, melted butter, and sugar together in a small bowl. Using a wooden spoon, mix together gently, until the crumbs become moist and stick together. Feel free to use your hands and combine together well. Take out small tablespoon portions and press into the bottom of the muffin tin or springform pan. Press down firmly, making sure it covers the bottom completely.

For the filling, lightly beat the softened cream cheese until it becomes smooth, and add the lemon zest and sugar to the mix. Increase the speed to medium until you don't see any granulation or sugar specks anymore.

Add the eggs, one at a time, and lemon juice, and continue to mix the mixture until it becomes smooth, perhaps another 2 minutes or so. Make sure you scrape the bowl with a spatula, and everything is equally combined.

Pour the filling into the tin or pan, so that it travels about halfway up the pan. With a muffin tin, I just poured equal amounts into the 12 cups.

Bake for about 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick, broom straw, or cake tester comes out clean. Make sure not to overbake these guys. For a springform pan, I suppose the time would be closer to 35-40 minutes.

Let cool on a wire rack, and then place in the fridge for a few hours to totally firm up. Feel free to top with fruit or jam... or just enjoy them on their own :)
Thanks to everyone for wishing me a warm welcome back. I know it's been awhile, but I've had some serious stuff to attend to. I have done some serious time organizing, and am trying to balance out all the cool things I like to do, and that includes hanging with awesome food friends. I hope you all had an awesome weekend, and let summer and grilling begin :) Oh, and if anyone ever has some recommendations for baked goods you'd like to see in a doctor's office, well let me know :)

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Adam, I'm SO glad you're back!!! I've missed you!! Your comment on my blog made my day, as was discovering your posts and reading that you bake for your patients every Friday - you are awesome!!!

(As is your beautiful cheesecake... :-)

Welcome back my good friend. Yes, you have been missed. So let's make up for lost time. Your mini cheesecakes are divine. Your effort in making these for your staff and patients is such a loving gesture that I think you deserve 10 gold stars! (And you're probably making points with the MAN up stairs as well.) Much love and many hugs to you. :)

wonderful! lemon flavour..yum! such a loving gesture to make it for your staff and patients..truly divine:-)

You must be the coolest doctor bringing treats for everyone. I wish doctors were more like you.. without the umm..attitude...haha. I bought animal crackers once, with the trans fats and they kinda didn't taste so great, but that's because I went with the cheapest kind so yea, my fault. You know what I kinda like.. crustless cheesecake!

Love that first lemon shot. The lemon is having a hard workout man!
Animal crackers, cheese and lemon hot damn! Nice combo.
(love that Dr. Adam part) ;-)

Yum. I love lemon desserts and cheesecake so I know I would LOVE these little beauties.

glad to see you're back!!! and your lemons are soooo cute.... haha... i would love to try this recipe, they look great... :)

hehe, Dr. Adam :) I should do that! can you be my doctor?? lol

i'm up for a party, i'll bring the chips and dip if you bring the cheesecake! i think i'd go for nilla wafers over animal crackers... but it's been awhile since i ate any critters ;)

Welcome back Adam. You've been missed. I've never made a lemon flavoured cheesecake before. It sounds divine.

Dr. Adam! I like it.

The little lemon cheesecakes look delicious. I love that you used animal crackers as the base. Graham crackers are so overrated. :)

Look at you so cute using animal crackers for your cheesecake base! You're too much Adam! Didn't you feel bad for crushing the poor animals?

I love these little cheesecakes and have bookmarked them. I'm thinking lime would be fun because I have some lime curd. :)

You rat! You beat me to the animal cracker crust!! I eat animal crackers like there's not tomorrow, and I recently thought "Hey these would be yummy as a cheesecake crust!" And you got to it before I did! Oh well, that just means I'm gonna steal your recipe! ;P

PS: Bugles!?!?!!?!! Are they still making those? I'm gonna go on a Bugle hunt!

I kinda like graham crackers, but these looks great with the animal ones too... got to try.
Your patients must be having a great time with all that you cook and bake on Fridays.

I always find the cinnamon graham crackers make a great base for chocolate cream pie. Maybe you should give them a second look?

Gingersnaps and nilla wafers make good crusts too. So do pretzels.

Lemon desserts rock. These cheesecakes look even better than the original Ren & Stimpy cartoons.

I eat gluten free, so I am going to use gluten free animal crackers to make this. It looks really good, healthy, and simple!

Thank you!

(a gluten free blog)

Haha doesn't everyone have those corelle plates?????

Soooo I totally found Bugles at my neighborhod grocery store! I totally forgot about those things since you mentioned them in this post. Man I remember some good times at the lunch table putting bugles on my fingertips and cackling like a witch in middle school. Yeah I wasn't one of the cool kids. No cackling was heard from their table...

I am loving this dessert! I LOVE animal crackers, I don't know why but they are one of my weaknesses. It is hard to find them without trans fat though. Most packages say 0 but of course there is partially hydrogenated listed on the label. One of my biggest pet peeves. Anyways, I can find organic ones at Costco but I try not to buy them, too many and I would eat the whole bucket! I love what you did with them though! Great treat!

This looks totally awesome, Adam! I love the animal crackers. I love creative uses of ingredients!!!

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