Merry Christmas New Year

Posted by Adam | Posted in , , | Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm a pretty big fan of the weird type period between Christmas and New Years. The holiday festivities are over with, and it allows you to kinda catch your breath in between the fresh start of the big year ahead... 2010.

Are you as surprised as I am? Say it outloud... Twenty-Ten. It's so sci-fi... so Star Trekky... it just sounds like a big year. But the more important question is... Where the flip are the flying cars we're supposed to be using by now?

Then again... the way some people drive on roads... on the ground... I dunno if flying cars are the best idea. They'd have to make a special license, and maybe not let you get one until 25. Yup, I think it took me at least until that age to get rid of my invincibility shield and drive a car like a safe, normal person :)

So what's your goal for the new year? Eat right... lose weight? It's def among the top ten for resolutions each year, and I know for a fact the gyms are going to be packed for the next 4-6 weeks. I'm actually planning a 12 week weight loss program for people in the Raleigh area. Each week I'm going to do a lecture on a different topic, and we're going to put together diet plans and track everyone with body fat, tape measurements, and scale numbers each few weeks. Should be a pretty cool, fun thing to do... I just hope it has a big turnout.

Sorry, no recipes today... but I'll leave you a pic of some Christmas party cookies :)

Date Bars, Brown Sugar Cake, PB Fudge, Haystacks... Tasty Sugar Coma

Here's some resolutions I have... I want to post them so I stick to it... and hopefully reach all of them by Spring...
  1. Post on the blog 1-2 times a week consistently
  2. Volunteer more
  3. Get my bench press up to 315 and my deadlift to 405
  4. Start a new car fund and a Roth
  5. Put together a garden and maybe get some chickens
  6. And some others...
What's your resolutions? Anybody have anything really unique or fun?

If it's to exercise, here's some fun stuff to try I was messing around with the other day:

Dumbell Deadlift - Hamstrings, Glutes, Upper/Lower Back

Hamstring Curl - Core Strength, Hamstrings, Lumbar Spine

Pushup to Row - Core, Rhomboids, Traps, Lats, Chest and Shoulders

Have a Happy Rest of the Year and be safe :)

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Such a tease with the pictures, Adam.

Ooh, I like that background thing that looks like lines of paper!

I have a few goals that are different sets. Pertaining to my running, my goal is to run consistently and get a personal record in one race of each distance as well as improve overall running fitness.

For blogging it's to blog on a more consistent basis (apparently that's a recurring them with me) and to blog about running more often.

It's way too soon to think about New Year's resolutions...Do you think one of mine should be to stop procrastinating?...

Don't show your gorgeous food pictures to those folks in your 12 week class. They'll never make it! Show them those fantastic exercise shots. They're awesome.

Have a great New Year's!

I don't want to hear the word diet and exercise yet but yes that would be one of my primary goals :)
Happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming New Year.

Ahahahah! Love the pictures of you exercicing. Makes me wanna go to the gym later ;) I know exactly what you mean about 2010 and I also keep wondering where are the flying cars?!... Nice resolutions for the new year, hope they "come true". Happy new year my dear!

After resolving to lose 20 pounds, losing only 10, and gaining them back again, I've decided to quit the weight loss resolution. I am instead trying to focus on the things that make me gain weight like not eating when I'm not hungry, snacking too much between meals, plowing through my food like it's the last meal and eating twice the amount I need. I need to slow down and savor my food. If I eat too fast, I don't taste as much. If I don't taste as much, how do I know my creations are any good?

I didn't lose weight, but I did bring my pushups from struggling to do 15 in one set to being able to do 25 in one set.

My real resolution is to start performing again. My theater group hasn't been doing much that I can get into and I feel like I'm out of practice with both singing and acting, so this is my year to take classes and maybe join a choir.

I love how you have all of those cookies pictured alongside stories of a weight loss group and exercise photos. :-)

Your blog just looks more terrific each time I visit. Your photos are fabulous!

You are so right 2010 does sound so futuristic! :D

My goals are to get my finances in order and organize my home.

I know I've got goals for the new year, luckily I've still got some time to rationalise them into a manageable list :) That PB fudge looks eeeeexcellent. Nifty looking pushup there with the weights- might have to try it. Hope twenty-ten's a good year for you!

I certainly need all of those exercise Adam. I must admit that I am lazy to go, and prefer to bake something at home, lol. Well at least just during the holidays.

But then, how can I resist these goodies???

I love this in between time of year too. Good resolutions. I need to put some togther but I did join Smart Bodies so I have 10 personal training sessions to get my butt in gear!

That's great that you are going to start a 12 week challenge!

I think you will get a lot of people interested in that!


Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2010..

Great goals Adam! Good luck with them all. Volunteering and doing more service is on my list too. I also plan on gaining ten lbs-yes, I said gaining weight:) I want to increase my strength training and increase my calories, healthy fats, and protein. Wish me luck:) I might need your expertise advise from time to time!

I hope you have a great NYE-don't get too wild:) All the best for 2010!

Awesome exercises and great looking cookies! Adam, I just love your pardoxes! Hope you have a great turn out for your weight loss program lectures! Happy Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is full of success!

Love the photos of you - you're an inspiration to us all, Dr. Adam!! I'm so excited hear more about your 12 month weight loss program - it sounds awesome! The Raleigh community is so fortunate to have you guiding them!! Happy New Year, Dr. Adam - wishing you every happiness and dreams come true!!

I'm sure your 12 week program will be very popular! Although, I'd rather just eat those cookies at this point :) Great resolutions too - increasing our retirement savings is one of ours too. Happy New Year!

Adam, Happy New Year my friend. You've given us a year of wonderful recipes and great fitness advice to lose the those dreaded extra pounds. Thank you. May your 20-10 be just as successful for you. Big hugs.

hey buddy! love the new fitness theme. you should keep that as a regular once or twice a month...we could all learn a lot from you. seriously.
happy new year to you too!

hmm, bent knees with a deadrow? is that only with a dumbell or even with a barbell? off to do some pushup rows while my movie is on... ;)

Has anyone ever killed themselves doing the pushup weight lift move? That looks a bit complicated.

Looks like we have some similar resolutions.

Wow, you're amazing! I love the resolution about the chicken. I too was thinking I should eat more chicken and less of the red stuff... uhm, that's not what you meant was it?

And that amazing pushup thing you're doing. If it were Tom Cruise in your place, there'd be invisible support lines holding him up. Cool. And a little dangerous.

Your adoring public want some ab work please. For dummies.

haha.. invincibility shield. Now that I'm a little older, I can't believe they let 16 year olds drive!

Those treats look so good and definitely worth the sugar coma I would definitely fall in. Actually, you know what's so bad? I've been falling into sugar comas lately from my obsession with saltine crackers! I've been going through them by the package..that's like 35 crackers. I think we have to stop going to costco.