Pardon the Dust and Mess

Posted by Adam | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, October 08, 2009

Alright, so basically I'm in a living limbo of two places. Like a purgatory of place staying. I am in the process of packing and leaving house A... and moving into House B, which is my ACTUAL, name on fancy hundred page paperwork House :) Everyday I fill my car with stuff and take it over after work. It's a slow process, but it's coming along. My parents also filled this crazy thing up, which was nothing short of amazing.

At first I was afraid my house was going to be a white walled, empty, and boring. But now I realize that with some good old family hand-me-downs and a little creativity, the sky's the limit :)

Here's a couple pics... I'll call them before pics... as in before Adam. I don't think anything too drastic is going to happen at first, mostly due to time and $$ (both precious post-grad commodities). But like for instance, I already got a new oven and fridge... the building blocks towards a kitchen and home greatness :)

So, as I humpty dumpty my life back together in the next week or so, bear with me on the lack of food blogging. I kinda need to find my bowls and spoons again first...

Me unpacking...

And unpacking...

And unpacking still...

Now this is just getting ridiculous...

But I'm really enjoying blogging again, and while finding time for it can be difficult, I don't mind staying up late an extra hour and having a good time. I want to thank all my family and friends for their support and insight, and I'm looking very forward to having my parents come on down this weekend from NY to pay me a visit and help out with everything.

I've always been a strong believer in "the harder I work, the luckier I get". Truer (is that a word?) words haven't been spoken lately :)

As always thanks for swinging by the blog, both new and old buddies, and I'll try and post something awesome after the weekend and the dust settles. Good dust settling, that is :)

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Nice place! Good luck with the move and we'll be here waiting patiently for more delicious baked goodies. Cheers brother!

LOVE the digs!! So cute.

And yes, truer is a word ;)

Um, housewarming party!!! That's all I can think about, looking at your new digs ;)

wish I could give you a hand with your move but you are so far away.;anyways i'll just enjoy watching you do the packing and unpacking hehehe!! the place looks really great!! and that bunny duster wish i have one too!! lol

Adam I love it! What a cozy little place you have. I bet you can't wait to get moved in and settled. Wish I could help out. Good luck with it all! I can't wait to see what you will make in your new kitchen:) Congrats!

I see the guitar was easily accessible! The house looks great, and it'll definitely feel more like "yours" once you add all the personal touches.

Nice blog update!

you so need to have a house-warming party, then you'll have all the help (as long as you feed and booze them).
I love your new home, it's so nice. I mean you're a guy and all I was thinking oh no a rustic cabin or something, but this is ADORABLE Adam. Very cozy.
I'm coming up for a visit...ok? LOL
Oh, and that has to be the cutest dust bunny ever. I'm just saying...

Adan is a really lovely and warm place, and I love the house!! oh ADAM I know about you are talking, four years ago we arrive at this house and was a mess!!!!
If I choose a house Adam really I will choose some house as yours, (lovely kitchen) mine is so little,
but Adam believe have a little patience (and frien ds help you) and a little more time your house will be lovely absolutely!!!

Buy some plants to this lovely porch!! If you want to ask something I will be happy to help you with anything you want:
If you buy the plants remember water them ,je,je,
I think plants garnish a lot a home!
xoxoxoxoxox gloria

Congrats on your new pad - it's so cute. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures when you are all moved it.

Adam, your house is gorgeous!!! I love the setting, with the beautiful trees in the front yard, and your incredible porch... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and your new home!!

what a super awesome house! it's very nice looking and i love the scenery!

Congratulations sweet Adam. Well deserved. The house looks awsome. I see lots of counter space in the kitchen..that's wonderful! Good things come to good people. You're proof of that. Bigs hugs my friend.

Welcome to your new home, Adam! So excited for you - looks like such a cute place - like a cabin in the woods. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time settling in. Enjoy it!

Your house is so cute! I like all the yard space and trees you have in the background. Where I live, some people don't even have backyards! We are lucky enough to because our house was built earlier.

I like the look of your blog too!

Adam, congratulations. The house looks beautiful, in fact, this is the kind of house I've been dreaming of.

wow nice place! wish I had a house like that :) I know what you mean I m between houses too and been for a while already! wish to settle down now .

Cute place! Good luck putting it all together. I'm sure it will have your unique stamp on it in no time.

Remember, what makes a house a home is the smell of dinner cooking and dessert baking.

how awesome is that!! and some great parents, too! hope they bring you some cider and apples from upstate :)

How cute is your house Adam!!!!!!!!!!! That's just adorable! Thanks for sharing that with us! Hope all goes well and you can settle in soon! I'm sooooooooooo happy for you my little good friend!

Adam, it's beautiful!!! So worth all the hassle and headaches. Just wait. In a few weeks, it'll be sooo comfy and cozy, it'll be home.

AND...THAT is the cutest bunny in the world!

LOL @ the picture. & congrats on your house the location looks so peaceful and relaxing : )

Adam!! My favourite man (after Jules, Eli and Johnny Depp). You've been busy, I see :)

Sweet house!
I love the possibilities that a new house offers; blank canvas and all that. Can't wait to see more kitchen and home greatness.

By the way, can I have my dust bunny back please? You can send me a slice of key lime while you're at it :)

Have a fab weekend, my friend.

What a great place you bought. Can't wait to see more inside pics. Hope you get back in the kitchen soon to share recipes :)

I love your beautiful new home! It looks SO nice. Good luck with the unpacking. I bet that's a pain. :( You can do it!

Congrats on your new home and good luck unpacking! I hope you're able to get back in the kitchen soon. Oh, and I completely agree with that saying too!

cute house! Wish my dust bunnys were as cute as yours. ;) Good luck,it's all down hill from here. The unpacking is the fun part!

Moving house is the biggest faff. Your new place looks smashing though - well worth the effort! Love the dust bunneh too :D All the best for getting settled in.

Good luck with the move. I kind of feel like I'm looking into the future while reading this post. We're going to be in house purgatory in about a month and will be taking carloads back and forth between the apartment and new place.

Congratulations of the beautiful home! There is going to be a lot of cooking baking in your new kitchen. Looking forward to your posts once you settle in-

Congrats on the new house!!! It's really nice!!!

I'm glad I popped in... your new house is soooo cute! Look at all of those trees! (we don't have those in San Diego so much!!) Congrats!

Wow!!! Wow!!! Double wow!!!

New house! New template of blog!


Can't wait to see your cooking and baking from your new place at your new blog's template ;)

What a great house! Good luck!

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Dear I hope everything is OK with all your things, huggs gloria

Love the place!

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