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Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, September 19, 2009

I don't have to explain to any fellow bloggers out there why we bake and cook. You take pictures of food? Why, yes... yes I do. It's just a passion, an excitement that shines through on a rainy Saturday, or on a super rushed weekday. We get excited to see new products show up at the market, or a really sweet deal on produce. I can't even tell you how many times I get pumped to find something cool in the discount bins. I try to stick to a food budget (try being the key word) , so when things like that pop up, I have to take advantage.

I especially like baking for bake sales or an important cause. I have to bake for others, because honestly I'd be packing on adipose tissue by the Tonka dumptruck full if I didn't. So if I can make others have a good day, while helping raise a little money, I'm all for it :)

In a few weeks a good friend of mine is doing a 3 day walk for breast cancer. She has to walk 60 miles in those days, which is remarkable... and on top of that, raise money for the cause and her sponsorship. So, what can I do to help raise money and awareness?

Cookies and cake my friends.... cookies and cake.

I already posted about the Oatmeal Cake... which was such a hit it had to be rationed so everyone could try it. (Pat myself on the back). But, I also made a cookie from Dorie Greenspan that always caught my eye... her Buttery Jam Cookies. If you've read this blog before, you know about my love for jam and fruit. Butter? Well, I'm only human, so go with that one :)

Look at the pics and guess what jam I used. You will never, ever guess in a bazillion years...

I used a little bit of my Northern Heritage on this one. Gooseberry. What's a gooseberry? If you don't know, you're missing out. They are kinda sweet, kinda sour. The only really way to know is to try it. Trust me, you'll dig 'em like Dig 'Em.

Buttery Jam Cookies
Dorie Greenspan, From My Home To Yours

-2 cups AP flour

-1 tsp baking powder

-1/2 tsp ground ginger

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 stick softened unsalted butter

-2/3 cup sugar

-1 large egg

-2 Tbs milk (I used sour cream)

-1/2 tsp vanilla

-1/4 cup jam (apricot, gooseberry, something chunky)

I'm going to readers digest these instructions, they come together in like 4 minutes.

Preheat your oven to 375*. Line two cookie pans with silicone mats or parchment paper.

Cream the butter on medium with a mixer in a large bowl until it is pale and smooth. Add in the sugar, and beat for another minute. Add in the egg, and beat until well combined and satin looking. Proceed to add the milk and vanilla extract, and mix on medium until it just comes together. The batter will look a little curdled and weird, but that's perfectly fine. Accept it :)

Switch the mixer to low, and add the jam of your choice... mix for another minute. Slowly add the dry ingredients (watch out for flour backlash), and mix JUST so the batter comes together. IT will be super thick and a little dry. This is fine. There's not a whole lot of liquid going on in this dough.

Drop the dough by rounded teaspoon fulls on to the prepared mats, and bake for 10-12 minutes.
Note*... you just want them only little brown around the edges. They might still be pale, and they might not look done, but you'll know when you press them lightly. They will be a little firm, and give only a little. If they turn golden brown... it may be too late :)

Cool on a wire rack, and you're done. The recipe says something like 40 cookies... but I always end up with less. Maybe 30ish or so.

The ginger in these bad boys really take the flavor up a level. Next time I'd go with a more traditional jam... but I like using flavors that are a little unique sometime.

Thanks for all the awesome comments on the Oatmeal Cake. I'm glad that so many of your enjoy your breakfast, and are excited to try their dessert for breakfast :)

Housing update: My closing is officially at the end of the month, and I couldn't be more excited. Sure it's hectic. Sure, it's scary giving away most your money for a down payment. But... it's worth it. Totally, totally worth it. I'll be more active on this blog once the dust settles, and after the packing, moving, cleaning, and buying... I'll have my own personal kitchen to work with. Is it ok for guys to get excited over kitchens? I think so. And if not, well I'll arm wrestle you over it. Have a good rest of the weekend buds :)

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the only time i've ever seen fresh gooseberries was on a camping trip in montana. but i didn't try them (i know - what was i thinking!?).

i might try this with strawberry rhubarb jam that i'm canning soon...

ps - you are the best man-baker i don't know. :)

You know I love my cookies:) These look great! We made homemade plum cinnamon and plum raspberry jam this year, we will have to try it in these cookies!

My family always asks me, do you ever take pictures of people? :)

Nice cookies! Adipose tissue...hmmmn...so that's why my jeans are a little too tight (LOL). Good luck with your closing!

Adam I think it's so hot that you are excited about your own kitchen. You so totally rock.
Will we get to see pics of the new house?

Mmm, mmm cookies; and hooray for great house news!!

I've never seen gooseberries before but tried a gooseberry liqueur which was great. It's absolutely normal to be excited with your new kitchen. Good luck.

Adam, it is SO OK for guys to get excited about kitchens - it's more than OK, it's awesome!! :-) I'm soooo excited for you too!!

Speaking of awesome... Oh my, I love gooseberry jam... and I can't tell you how excited I am about a JAM cookie!! I love stirring a bit of jam into brownies - how have I never tried this in a cookie!! Adam, you've rocked my cookie world! :-)

Adam, congratulations on the closing of the house. I'm super, duper happy for you my friend. It's hard work to maintain the upkeep of a house, but so totally worth it.

Love these cookies. Don't know how you feel about peanut butter, but next week I'll be making some PB & J Thumbprints. I also love cookies with some sort of jam in it. Have a great one sweetie.

These look fabulous! I haven't had gooseberries in ages!

I hope your closing goes smoothly.

How noble of you to bake for bake sales. Surely this will disappear in a short time. Delicious!

So nice of you to bake for bake sales. I love to do that also. I'm keeping that recipe that looks to good.

I totally agree! Everything you said about taking picture, food sales, new products make me so excited that sometimes other people think I'm weird. I'm so excited about your house. It must feel so official now.. Adam.. you are old..j/k!

Hopefully we get to see your kitchen when everything is settled!

Adam, I love these cookies look awesom and yummy!
Love heard about your house!
Love your post, and I adore takes food pictures, i love it!! xxgloria

I perked up once I read ginger in the ingredient list! It's pretty interesting how the jam is in the cookie instead of on top. I bet Dorie had an accident with thumbprint cookies and developed her own recipe as a result.

I've gotten gooseberry jam at IKEA before and I really like it! Your cookies look delicious!

Good luck with the move! I'm trying to not think of it as giving away my money -- you're building equity. Good luck with the move. I've still got a month and a half to pretend to prepare for the move.

Yaaay! Congrats! I can't wait. Post pictures of your new kitchen.

These cookies look delicious. I've never had gooseberry anything before, but I'd love to try.

The buttery jam cookies were amazing as well!! They went perfect with coffee... I mean... so I was told ;)

Thanks for the shout out in the blog!! And again for baking, you are awesome!!

I need to try this recipe. I have a special jar of jelly and I'm trying to find the perfect recipe to try it in. These look perfect. I'll have to get my butt in the kitchen to try it.

Congrats on the closing. ENjoy your own kitchen. Yes, it's okay to be excited about it. It's kind of sexy really.

These sound great Adam! I love a hearty ginger flavor in my cookies! Way to go with the gooseberries too! I love 'em!

Oh and I just read your last post about your house! Congrats! I know just how you feel! We *should* be closing on our house in November!

What could be better than buttery jam cookies? They sound simple to make and so tasty.

Congrats on your new place!!!

i still haven't tried gooseberries! these look very yummy...

i get excited over kitchens, grocery store finds, fun new produce... you name it ;)

yumm! 5 minutes?! i have time for that for sure! your comment on my blog made me laugh... sure... we can count your parent's great dane as you being Danish! hehe :)