Curry Up Before I Lose You

Posted by Adam | Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been reading up on a couple of blogs lately, and a thought (ok a few thoughts), came into my mind. I read a sweet post on simplicity and how it's a bit of a lost form, and another one which made me smile about working out. Rachel and Dawn are both hilarious writers, and I usually walk away from their sites either hungry, laughing, or both :)

The great thing about reading blogs is you parts of yourself in each one. Anyone who has visited this blog twice has probably realized I work out a couple times a week, and I can talk about muscles and health until the world runs out of air. However, I usually don't post too many savory recipes, or show what I eat on a daily basis. I see some of these extravagant, awe inspiring ingredient list dishes, and the creativity amazes me. When I just cook for myself, I keep things really, really easy.

Which might not surprise anyone. Bodybuilders and dieters each nothing but chicken and broccoli, right? Dry, flavorless, and more boring than a math problem of trains leaving Philadelphia and Chicago.

Nope. Boring isn't part of my vocabulary. While I keep things simple and on the medium scale calorie wise, things don't have to be boring. I know you all use the same methods as I do, and this doesn't need to be said, but spices are calorie free. And most of the time, that's all you need. And if you read up into herbs and spice just a little bit more, you can even make them work to your advantage, health-wise.

So what kind of simple, cook once, eat a few times a week stuff do I eat? This week I took advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, and made this Curry Chicken Salad. When you beat yourself up as often as I do, every little trick you can use diet wise makes all the difference. If I can stop inflammation in it's tracks, and get myself adjusted, then that's one more day of optimum health and function... and one more day of pushing myself and getting stronger. I'm back to competing in 10 or so months, so it's serious time folks :)
Scuppernong grapes... funny word, delicious results... I'm Southern now :)

Save Your Joints Curry Chicken Salad
Dr. Adam

-3-4 cooked chicken breasts, pulled or chopped into small pieces (roasted or boiled with salt and pepper)

-1 1/2 cups grapes, quartered or chopped finely

-1/4 cup sliced almonds
-1 carrot, chopped finely

-1 medium onion, sliced and chopped finely

-3/4 cup low fat sour cream
-1 Tbs curry powder, or to taste

-1 tsp lemon juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

The steps to this recipe are so easy it doesn't need to really be laid out. In a large bowl, place the chicken, grapes, almonds, carrot and onion. Add the sour cream, and mix well, until all the solids are covered over. Add the curry powder, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Mix until well combined, and place in the fridge for the flavors to meld a little.
This dish works great, and can be eaten for busy people over the next few days. I like to portion it and "grab and go" on the way to work.

This works well either by itself, or on sandwich bread, a pita, a wrap, or combined with some other kind of side dish. I'm currently trying to cut wheat out of my diet, so I just have some after workout with some kasha and some beans/lentils. You can of course use mayo if you want, but am not a fan of it at all... and I'm trying to get rid of soybean oil in my eating too.

Enjoy the your weekend, and if anyone has any other simple recipes when they cook for themselves, let me know. I'm all about cooking once and having meals all week :)

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Here's to keeping it simple AND delicious - one shouldn't cancel out the other.

And as for your comment on my blog - I cannot thank you enough. You rock HARD, Adam!!

I love adding a bit of fruit to my chicken salad too. Those grapes sound good. Half a diced peach is really yummy too.

The world needs more simplicity. Great post! Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or time consuming. Fixing a healthy meal at home will take less time than going out and it will save money and waistlines:) Great salad!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Yeah, I can so relate to cook once, eat all week and I think I'm one of the few that I know who can do that and not get bored. Who says chicken and broccoli have to be boring - you just proved them wrong.

Good information that curcumin is anti-inflammatory.

I've been feeling my right heel hurting when I walk for the last 2 years. I already went to the doctors but instead of cure the problem, they just gave me pain relieves and shot my heel with cortisone. As for me, I believe that something is just not right in my heel (probably a twisted nerve, I don't think it's plantar fascilitis) because it happened when I wore wrong shoes. Btw, I went also to a physiotherapy but he couldn't help me. I'm so confused where should I go to heel my heel?

Oops.. sorry, I'm out from the topic of the post!

Your chicken salad sounds really yummy and also healthy! Like it :)

And really, since many recipes age quite well it would be overkill to cook anything else until you used it up first. That's a winning thought process right there.

Sounds like a good recipe. It has curry, chicken, and grapes, three solid ingredients.

and I love that when I do ask you for advice on whatever exercise you give me the full report, not just bits & pieces, but the whole schmeal.
Isn't it amazing how that one little spice can do so much good for your body? And there was a story (I'll have to find it for you) on the people in India who eat the turmeric/curcumin on a daily basis and all the health benefits they acquire from it; not just joints.
Crazy-good title for this dish--love it. Thanks man! ^5

What a terrifically simple chicken salad and I so adore curry! :p

Perfect timing as I have leftover turkey breast. Sounds great!

Tis recipe looks good. I love curries. H a I can talk on and on on cakes Everyone has got his obsession :)
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Healthy AND delicious Adam. I love chicken salad but have never made it quite so healthful before. I'll try it now. Great recipe.

I forgot to add, you are NEVER boring. I love your posts. Did I understand right? You're going to compete again? That's wonderful. Hope you post pics. :)

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I'll never get bored with your muscles LOL i mean reading your your stories :-) and your lip smacking good dessert!!!

i must say this chicken curry is really something else.;i love the touch of grapes in this savory dish!! yum yum

Aw. Thanks for the shoutout.

This looks like a great variation on the classic curry chicken salad. (Such cool looking grapes!) I'm glad you subbed out mayo. I never liked the stuff much myself.

Herbs and spices really can remind us you don't need only fat for flavor. While reading your post, I was reminded of Graham Kerr's later shows (I was such a fan of his) where he would do his "Mini Max" recipes. Minimize Risk and maximize aroma, texture, and color. He was big into making sure a slimmed-down recipe was going to still taste good. It was a strong ethic to follow!

Good luck as you continue to whip yourself back into competition form.

i've been getting back to simple and delicious too. especially since it's too hot in the apartment to think of turning on my big oven. The other night i had a baked potato (yup, microwaved), cottage cheese & salsa. If only i had had an open can of black beans... i've been meaning to do a curried chix salad, if only i remember to defrost some of the chix from the freezer!

How bout those grapes? What a cool name! They look a bit like gooseberries...this salad sounds like one of those strange-on-paper combinations which is actually crazily delicious. Good on you for mixing it up a bit with some savoury, but don't stress either way, just blog what you feel like :D

This salad sounds delicious! Simple recipes are the best!

simplicity really works at its best... great post and recipe, doc... :D

Weird thing- I've been planning to make Coronation Chicken for ages and have kept having to rearrange my plans. You may not have Coronation Chicken in the US, but for the record - this is basically it (yes, I'm going to take the credit for subliminally anglicising you). And... I love it.

Plus I'm sure this would be perfect were I to actually go to the gym, but forgive me if I stick with tea-drinking and dog-walking... you know, just for today XD.

Oooh, your curried chicken salad sounds amazing!! I love how you used sour cream instead of mayo - YAY! :-) So much more delicious, and healthier too! Great idea! Thank you for this recipe - it's just the thing for these busy days and nights when I'm running between school and work... I'm glad you heard me wishing for new speedy healthy recipes! :-)

Giggles - I adored your comment about the neurophysiology of pizza... :-) Adam, you're too cool! :-)

A wise post and advice really. I went through a period of detoxing and it was so hard to keep up. Sensible eating is the best!

Your chicken salad looks so good Adam, I had to look to see what you used instead of mayo...low fat sour cream! I bet that's really good in this salad. Ok, got any weight loss tips for a menopausal women trying to loose weight?? It's TOUGH trying to loose weight while being a menopausal lunatic!! LOL!!

Dear Ada this look really yummy, really you are a southern boy now! (LOL) absolutely but the same all your recipes are adorable and tasty, love ya! xoxoxoxox gloria

Love these fruits!!

I love chicken salad with grapes but have never thought to add curry. I can't wait to try this out Adam.

i just made a simple curry dish the other night and just haven't posted it yet. have you been spying on my kitchen? ;)

What a delicious chicken salad! I love curry.
Those grapes are crazy! I've never heard of them before.

I think I would like your version of chicken salad better than the kind where it's swimming in mayo. I actually can't eat regular chicken salad when I think about all that mayo!

I think those grapes are apples in disgase! You're back to competitions! That's kind of exciting,eh! I've also missed you my little dr friend! I'm back now, I think!

oh wow, those cookies look wonderful... :)

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