Pockets of Blue

Posted by Adam | Posted in , , | Posted on Sunday, July 19, 2009

I ate a pint of blueberries in about 30 minutes the other day. Now, as funny as that sounds, I blame it on a few factors...
  1. I just got back from the gym after a squat day and was famished.
  2. Summer sales twisted my arm to buy more blueberries than a single guy should consume.
  3. I just really, really like blueberries.
They remind me of those super old Lays Potato Chip commercial of "Betcha Can't Eat Just One", because honestly... can you eat one blueberry and walk away? Try it. I'll bet top nickel that you'll be back at the fridge or counter within 15 seconds, grabbing not one... but two handfuls.

It's all cool though. As I'm sure many of you know, blueberries are one of the kings of anti-oxidants, and generally a good source of fiber. I'm pretty sure I killed whatever germs or diseases were trying to creep up on my that day, because I had my super-fruit. Germ proof, you might call it.

I'm still working on injury and bullet proof, I'll get back to you on that :)

So... I wrote a post last summer (wow as in like last year) about pierogi I made with plums. While plums are a favorite, my family used to always make pierogi with a blueberry filling. A little powdered sugar on top is all you need, and it makes a nice accompaniment with some meat and cheese for a light lunch. You can check out the old post for more step by step directions, because I used the same recipe again... the only change was the filling :)

Blueberry Pierogi
Dr. Adam

-1 pint blueberries
-1/2 cup sugar
-1 tsp lemon juice
-1 Tbsp honey
-1/4 cup water or so

-3 1/2 c. AP Flour
-1/2 c. sugar
-1 tsp salt
-1 c. milk
-1 egg, beaten
-2 tsp canola oil

Directions the same as the other post...

Again I came out with about 30 pierogi or so. There might have been a couple more, because I had some real cute nimble fingers helping me. I'm usually pretty good with my hands, but when working on small delicate things I can get a bit clumbsy. So, I owe most of the awesomeness of these treats to my helper. I'd probably have purple fingers for the rest of the year if it wasn't for her.

Have a fantastic week, and I'll catch up with you guys later. Just some FYI, my blog is up on Facebook now, so go on and be a fan. I'll follow you, you can follow me, and hopefully we won't end up in circles :)

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Oh no you didn't... PIEROGIS?!?!??! Ahh, nostalgia alert :-)

Hmmm. Your HELPER? Is there a story there?

Those look fabulous. My policy during these high volume blueberry weeks is to buy one container to freeze for every two that I buy to eat, which means I have A LOT of blueberries in my freezer.

Oh dear, what a delicious and unusual recipe. It is simply irresistible Adam!

I love summer fruit too. Pity though blueberries I cannot find it here. However i had some blackberries :) This recipe look really interesting!

wow, i totally did the same thing the other night with a pint of blueberries! :) ~phew, i'm not the only one who buys way too much for myself~

anywho, these look absolutely delicious, and i'm all over pierogi!

ooh, the nimble fingers of a female helper ;)

Those look great Adam! We have a great little Polish cafe here in St. Augustine, and they had blueberry (and plum) pierogi last summer. Boy where they good! I bet your homemade ones were yummy!

I am with you on the BB's - love those guys!

You've definitely hit on one of my absolute all time favourite things. Now of course I'll have to make them in large batch and freeze. Great job on these.

I remember seeing your last pictures of Facebook and noticing you were a little blueish! From all the blueberries! Just kidding,lol! Those are some cool pierogi!

I love sweet versions of savory foods, like banana wontons and stuff like that. This sounds delicious, and it utilizes what's in season. And blueberries are like crack.

You just made me terribly home sick! I haven't made these in a while. When I was growing up we made pierogi every week and the blueberry when the fruits were in season. Thanks for the reminder of good old times!

Oh... how I wish that I could eat fresh blueberries... never eaten it before.

I've never seen pierogis with a sweet filling before, these look fantastic! Blueberries are super addicting!

I've heard that blueberries are now being cultivated in Greece and can't wait to get my hands on them. This will be the first recipe I will make!!

Oh what a beautiful recipe!! This one is for me..coz i feel blue :-(

Eating that many blueberries is not funny at all to me. My mom and I used to sit down in front of the TV and eat tons of different fresh fruits as snacks. Those were the days! LOL

Those little pockets look amazing. I need to go out and buy more blueberries :-p

I could definitely eat that many blueberries in one sitting. I've gone blueberry picking and probably ate at least that much during the picking and then there were the berries I actually brought home.

Blueberry pierogeies are a great idea and these look incredibly delicious. I'll take a plateful please!

Anti-oxidants - good thing. Blueberries - good thing. (Chocolate -- good thing.) Over-indulgence -- not so good. Except when it comes to good things like blueberries. Love the pierogies.

I'm probably the only person who could eat just one blueberry and walk away. Actually, I just wouldn't eat them lol Love the pierogie idea. Maybe I'll try them with raspberries.

Beutiful recipe you know really love blueberries!! xxGloria

Wow! How absolutely unique! I actually only like to eat blueberries frozen (wierd, I know)...but I think I would really like these pierogis.

I hope you don't turn blue:) I love blueberries too! So good! Love your recipe here!

Yuuuum. I could so eat a ton of blueberries, especially when they're just perfectly in season...the pierogi looks gorgeous, I bet the blueberries went all nice and jammy inside!

Wow, I bet these little blueberry dumplings were delicious. I could eat a whole pint of blueberries myself. They are amazing!

Okay, I'm some kind of genius or something, er?? I have never heard of pierogi. Is this some kind of East Coast thing or was I raised white trash? They look delectable! I choose blueberries because for some strange reason I've never loved plums, in fact, I hate them. I had to test the theory again a few years ago to make sure it wasn't some strange residual childhood thing, nope, fullly-grown and mature adult and I still don't like them.

Update forthecoming!

Could this get any better? You are brilliant Adam!

Whoa... I've never seen a sweet pierogi!! What a cool idea. I've been a bit obsessed w/ blueberries this summer since we've been vacationing in Massachusetts. LOVE them! Will have lots of recipes to share when I get back!

Oh my goodness, Adam, did you just say blueberry pierogis? As in, one of my favorite fruits, included in one of my very favorite dishes? You ROCK!!! :-) Too gorgeous!

Your story of blueberry consumption made me smile - last week one of my co-workers brought in a 5 gallon bucket of blueberries from her father's farm, and all of us who were working that night had big beautiful bowls of blueberries for "supper..." :-) 'Twas heaven!! :-) Here's to getting our delicious dose of blueberry antioxidants! :-)

OMG -- I completely forgot about blueberry perogies! How is that possible?

I'm currently in what is arguably the best city to buy perogies in Canada. I should really go and get a few dozen before flying home.

Oh -- re: eating just one. Not physically possible.

I do that often, too. After kicking heavy bags for the better part of an evening, there's nothing like a pound or two of fresh berries to keep me from going nuts.

I can't just eat one! I feel guilty sometimes for finishing the fruit in the house before anyone gets a chance. That's an interesting twist on pierogis. I've only ever had savoury kinds.

Cool idea! I've never had a dessert pierogi before but they do sound great!