Fitness Fun Friday #19

Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, June 07, 2009

After last weeks pretty heavy exercise post, I think I'd like to just talk a little about something that's really, really basic. It's important to work your mental body too, right?

As a chiropractor and pretty down to earth guy, I get asked a wide variety of questions:
  • I can't seem to lose weight, what can I do?
  • Is joint pain normal?
  • Do I have arthritis? And what is that?
  • You really bake the stuff on your blog?
  • Is Albany like New York City?
  • You eat pretty healthy don't you?
  • And tons more
Part of the reason I love my job is because it keeps me on my toes, and I have to be prepared for all sorts of situations, and all sorts of people. All of these people though, have one trait in common. Whether they are aware of it or not, they have goals and dreams. Maybe it's to own their own business. Maybe it's to pick up their daughter without arm pain. Maybe it's to buy their mother a car. Everyone has things they would like to have.
Think about it for a second. At this stage in your life, what do YOU want?

Got it?

These are without a doubt, the absolute secret to any type of goals you have set for your individual life. I don't care if they are financial, familial, physical, sports related, or cake decoration related. This literally works for anything.

Don't worry, I'll walk you through it...

Number one... write it down, be specific, and try to set a deadline. This isn't Back to the Future, it doesn't have to include a specific date and time, but you need a good ballpark time frame. Why is this important? Well, it sets a fire off underneath you.

Look at this example...

I want to own a bakery one day vs I want to own a donut and breakfast bakery by the time I am 30 years old in xyz town.

Do you see how one leads to a sense of urgency, even if it is years away? We need that. Life is too busy and tends to cause goal amnesia. Be proud of your goal. Look at it and read it. Go for it.

Number two... find someone who has already accomplished what you did, and learn from them. When I was a young kid, I used to really be into professional wrestling. I know it's kinda funny... but come on Hulk Hogan and Macho Man were cool :) But anyways, a favorite wrestler of mine was Ric Flair. He wasn't the greatest athlete ever, but he had a confident quote that always enjoyed...

"To be man, you have to beat the man"

I like that. In this case, just look at the "man" as your accomplished goal hero. Strive to do what they did, and learn from them. Notice I did not say copy them. Learn from them. Life and goals are individualized, and everyone responds to things differently. You need to learn the ropes, maybe fall down a few times, and then apply them to yourself. Maybe Mr. Smith sold horse racing pink sheets for a nickel, and made PB&J sandwiches everyday for lunch to save and open his bakery. While that worked for him, it might not work for you. Find what does :)

Number three... and most important... be consistent. This is what I find ties into goal achievement the most. No matter what you decide to do, if it is working, I'd stick with it. Do you enjoy kickboxing and it's causing you to loose weight? Cool, stay the course. Does your back feel better after stretching and your arthritis is manageable? Awesome, keep going. Coconut worked well in that peach cobbler? Sweet, now you know, keep it up.

Part of the problem is that I think people give up when things don't happen fast. Keep going, and know that goals take time. Maybe you wanted to be richer or thinner yesterday. That's perfectly fine, but know that a pound a week, or a dollar a day adds up over the long run. Be consistent, and you'll be successful.

Well, that's all I had on my mind today. If it sounded a bit preachy or high horse-y, well I apologize, and that was not my intention. I'm just a 26 year old guy with some goals and plans on his mind. See guys do think sometimes :) (I'll admit my foot goes in my mouth though).

What are your goals, and what are you doing to get them?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and remember to work your mental body too everyone!

Oh, and would you imagine I did almost 20 of these? Wow. I guess I'm doing ok for myself :)

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Interesting post. I think you re right. But sometimes we need someone to open our eyes. Thanks for doing so.

My goal right now is to get a job haha

I can put my feet in my mouth too (I mean literally). Anyway, gotta love that "to be man, you have to beat man", ahahah!
You're so right about being specific with your goal! Have a wonderful week my dear!!!

My goal is to exercise more and to lose this 10 lbs I gained when I started my food blog.

Hi Adam Glad your back. Well you worked your way through my stomach with "baking" and into my "heart" with excercise. This is great and just what I need. Will look forward to your tips. Good Luck in your career as a Chriropractor.
Now get me off my "dupa" =^..^=

I was thinking about how this applies to my own efforts to lose weight. I've always said I want to lose weight by Date X. Now I am just letting the process happen, knowning I'll have setbacks because of special occasions or the urge to just eat a sundae now and then. As long as I keep making small adjustments and make small changes downward, I'll get where I want to be eventually.

My goals are plenty-and i tried listing them here just to see and it went on and on..and now where do i start:D grt post, Adam!

Love the post bro! Even though that is something we hear all over the place, we need to be reminded to set goals and be patient and consistent. It sounds like too much, but at the long run it works, like you say. Nice to see you back in the blogosphere :)

I needed this so badly! I have this "goal" I really need to do on time, but no matter what I do I always fail. I'll try to follow your advise maybe it will help me! Wish me luck :-)

Healthy mind in Healthy body = Greek Proverb and everything in moderation is the best solution. Great post Adam, people need to be reminded now and then.

I love this post Adam and I totally agree with you. Roberto and I always make a "dream board" where we place pictures (and sometimes words) of the things we want or want to accomplish. We hang it on our bedroom wall and look at it daily. We made one last year in June and it was a BIG sucker, we had to make a new one last month, because the old one had already been accomplished.

Adam, thank you for a wonderful post! Your words of wisdom are so deeply appreciated!! Since I right now have a very burning goal of going back to grad school to work towards becoming a nurse anesthetist, but sometimes that dream seems, well, a few years away, your encouraging, powerful advice was a wonderful gift! Thank you!

Nice post! My goal right now is to increase my physical activities.

Great post! It's all about setting realistic goals, getting off the couch, and get it done.

great post! my current goal is to get myself to listen to my body in terms of fueling- aka don't keep eating when you're full. trying to eat slower, enjoy my food, and wait before getting more to eat! simple, but i got into a few bad habits during some stressful times...