Fitness Fun Fridays #17

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Did I say Happy November already? Well, Happy November. It's getting cold, and winter is starting to roll on in. I've seen cars with snow on them already... crazy right?

So now that the candy overload is over, we're going to focus on something that is really, really simple... but yet many people just don't get a good grasp on it. Now I'm not talking about physics, or calculus, or Paula Abdul dance routines... I'm talking about water.

We (as a people), just don't get enough water. It's on supermarket shelves, the movie theaters, the fountains at the gym, but how much do you really get in a day? I remember years ago they said to get about 8 glasses... which equates to about 64 oz in American terms (sorry Europe kids). Now I'm going to tell you something that might make you scratch your head and laugh...

That's no where near enough. Not at all.

Water is 60% of your bodyweight, and fluctuates more than your heart rate when you see football captain Joe Cool at the school dance.

If you don't believe me... ask the scale in your bathroom. You lost 3 pounds this morning from last night? Or you gained 2 after eating a slice of chocolate cake? Well, while hard work/guilty pleasure may have played a role... there's no way your made that much of an impact in one day. Remember there's 3500 calories to a pound. So wait a minute... what gives?

Water gives. Your body gains and flushes it out at a constantly regulated rate, depending on the situation. You need it for nutritent transportation, chemical reactions, body tissue structure and as a lubricant. Your blood is made up of water... think about it :)

I was recently thinking about doing a water post because after eating candy or salty foods many people feel bloated. Sodium tends to hold onto water, and gives you the appearance of being much heavier than you are. All you have to do is "debloat" and you'll feel and look much better. While there's many ways to do this, I like to keep it to only two simple steps:
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid sodium, and artificial ingredients, including sweetners, because they hold on to water molecules
Now, this may sound surprising, but drinking more water will actually make you look thinner. To make this less confusing, I like to give this analogy:

Let's say you have one dollar to your name. One lonely dollar... and I want to take it from you :) Now, the odds of you giving it to me are very, very low, because hey, it's your last dollar ever. Now let's say you get a steady hourly paycheck, and you have constant money coming on in. Can I have a buck? Please? Awesome, thanks :)

Your body works the same way with water. If it knows that water is going to be coming eventually, it's more willing to part with the stored water you already have. But if it's in a constant state of dehydration (no matter how mild) it's going to hold on to it like a life depends on it... because it does :)
Here are some clinical signs of dehydration:
  1. Headaches and fatigue
  2. Decreased appetite (usually not a problem for us)
  3. Light headedness, dry mouth
  4. Increased heartrate, and small volumes of concentrated urine
As far as weight control goes... drinking water is your friend. The ability to reconize hunger vs. thirst is very difficult, if not impossible to distingush from each other... so when you feel hungry 30 minutes after you just ate... there's a chance you might be thirsty. Drink a glass and see if the feeling goes away. You might suprise yourself :)

On a personal note, I used to get killer headaches during my workouts. Funny thing was, when I started drinking more good old water, it all went away. Pretty cool, huh?

So now you might be wondering, well how much? Recent reserach says about 35 ml per kg of bodyweight. This averages out to like 2 - 2.5 liters per person. I would say that this is an absolutle minimum. I like to get about a gallon, or 3.75 liters per day, with probably most of it centered around my time at the gym. Do I pee alot? Yeah probably, but it's not too bad. I just trt make sure I'm not stuck in an elevator or a bubble :)

Annnnd I'm done. Remember, water... it does a body good. Have a fantastic weekend, and for all of my Facebook friends who wished me congrats and good luck with my soon to be graduation, thank you so very, very, much. You are all awesome... and it feels amazing knowing that everyone is really rooting for me :) Thanks.

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Happy November!! :-)

I drink sooo much water, it's insane. Thanks for the extra info though!!

Sooo exciting about your graduation coming up!!

I am guilty of not drinking enough water. Thanks for the reminder aqnd good post!

I am so glad I am on track, I easily drink a gallon of water everyday. My parents have instilled that habit in me since childhood, and I am happy for that. Thanks so such an awesome informative post as always. Now, I look forward to all the Friday goodness.
And yeah, congrats on your graduation! Am I the last in line?? :(

good info...i do really well during the week drinking water since i drink at my desk but fall behind a lot on the weekends. good reminder for me this weekend!

Glup glup glup! I drink a lot of water, not 2 liters, but as I drink a lot of tea and there are also plenty of water in the veggies, fruit, mik and soup I eat daily, I think I'm cool. Also I do an awesome chocolate cake with a whole cup of water and that has to count, right?

Glup glup glup! I drink a lot of water, not 2 liters, but as I drink a lot of tea and there are also plenty of water in the veggies, fruit, mik and soup I eat daily, I think I'm cool. Also I do an awesome chocolate cake with a whole cup of water and that has to count, right?

Great advice... I went and filled up my water bottle for the second time today! Woo!

I have been trying to drink more water. Now I know how much it will benefit me!

I usually get neglectful about drinking water due to my busy schedule. Your article is a good reminder of its importance,thank you.My dad has the best habit in my family of drinking about a litre(about 4 glasses) of water every morning. He called it the Chinese water therapy for good health. Google about it to learn more ,its interesting.
Have a great weekend and best wishes for your graduation!

I can't believe it's November already. We actually had a really nice week with temperatures around 15-20.. unusal, but next week will probably be freezing.

Adam! You totally scared me when you brought up physics.

Adam, I have an award for you!

Thank you for the excellent and timely reminder... I, um, am guilty of forgetting to drink water during clinical shifts... Thank you for pointing out how very very important water is too our watery bodies!

Thanks for the H2O reminder. I never drink enough water. I do feel better when I drink 6 - 8 cups a day; I just need to make it a priority.

the new diet - water! you should patent this and make it into a google ad or something. :)
you'll be rich, i tell ya.

Fortunately, I'm always drinking water. I prefer it to any other beverage. Wait, I lied. Beer is what I prefer. But water is cheaper.

So here's a question - one I've asked nutritionists and doctors and gotten very different responses - Can you count some of your water intake from things like tea? I've been told that it's okay to count some of it or none of it. I've been told it's okay as long as it's decaffinated, others say any kind is okay. Since I like to drink a few other things than water during the day (though I do get more than 8 cups of water a day), I do like me some good iced tea (without the sweetener, of course). What do you think? Do you have a list of what beverages can count toward that water goal?

I alwasy feel better when I drink a ton of water. This is a great post Adam.

Great post, I drink lot's of water. Could not live without it. Keep the great posts coming.

I love this post, I drink a lot of water because I love water but love your info Adam, is so interesting many thanks,xxGloria

That you said about artificial flovours make me me think, a lot of things we eat have this quimical adds, xG

I continually have to do this self talk thing - coffee is not water. You're dead on about the water dilema and don't even get me going on sodium.

I drink a ton of water. You are sooooo right about the way the body holds onto that one last dollar. And what a lot of people don't know is dehydration sets in a lot faster than one thinks, and you haven't even a clue.
Awesome analysis!!!

hmm, i wonder why tea wouldn't count? i'd be interested to know! i try to drink up, but sometimes I get tired of water... and i don't like crystal light since it just makes me thirstier :( i know that ain't right!!

Great post.
Like BakinginOregon, I read recently that other liquids can count as water too. Do you agree with that, Adam?

I try to pack in my first glass of water first thing in the morning and if I'm feeling virtuous I'll have a big pitcher in the fridge and then I know exactly how much I'm drinking.

I'm a huge water drinker. I've found it always helps... especially with the headache situation.

My mother has this weird thing about water... she's NEVER thirsty. And when she drinks it, you'd think we were forcing her to chug a beer. She literally has to force herself to drink it. And she's a skinny little thing. Weird, huh?

I drink a lot of water a night but not during the day, which is something I need to work on.

very informative post, adam... thanks for sharing... and my best for your new life after your graduation... cheers to you... :)

Awww - I love water...I drink so much of it in a day. Tons of it.

Water is the perfect beverage!! Great tips!

Thanks for this post Adam! I love water and drink it all the time - it in fact is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. I forgo juice and soda and anything else (besides coffee) and just go for the clear stuff.

In winter, when it is cold and I am not feeling the ice water thang, might have hot water with lemon or herbal tea - both would count as water intake!

Water is probably the one thing I consistently do right with my diet.

I get teased at work because I have this giant jug I'm always filling. People accuse me of single-handedly keeping the water cooler in a constant need for new bottles. A coworker said it's the fault of people with big jugs of water, but I just zinged back at him that he *would* be the person likely to notice my big jugs.

I drink water (and other things) like a fish.
After a night of heavy drinking, I never forget to mindlessly chug down a few glasses of water before passing out. It really helps with preventing hangovers.

Hi Adam. I just realized how much I'm going to need your Fitness Fridays after the holidays are over. I think I'm going to go back and print out all your postings on Fitness Fridays. Unless, you consider putting them all in an ebook and getting it out on the market??? Just a thought. Luv ya.

I can always count on Adam for fantastic health info! I'm srsly gonna get up and get a huge bottle of water after I type this comment. I always knew there was some reason why I chug huge amounts of water after eating anything sweet... just never knew exactly what that reason was until now. Thanks! :)

I consume SO much liquid, it's insane - I'm just always thirsty, just built that way.

Great post as usual!

You are quite something! Never came across my mind to make my own English muffin.