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Posted by Adam | Posted in , , | Posted on Monday, October 27, 2008

And... I'm back dudes and ladies! Oh man, I've been around the world more in these past 10 days then I have in about a year. Buffalo, NYC, and North Carolina... it was different all around. Wings one day, then China Town food, and then Southern Style biscuits and BBQ :) I think my stomach got extremely confused :)

Firstly, and probably most importantly... thanks to everyone for wishing me luck and a good travel. The flights on both trips were more smooth and quick than a nice beer on a summer day, and I realized that flying really is pretty awesome. And I didn't even get stopped at security this time, which was really nice for once.

So after I came back from NC (which was awesome thanks to a super cool blogger showing me around... more on that later), my parents came on up the following morning, and we packed up all of my stuff and headed back to Albany, NY. I am very relieved to be back home, with my family and dogs, and just relaxing until I graduate :) I know I've been absent from Blogland, but I'll do my best to catch on up and visit all of you lovely people. I have free time now, and my mom and I will probably be doing some sweet baking over the next few weeks... so stay tuned :)

So, as a present to wish me off, my Canadian roommate (no he doesn't say 'eh all the time) made me this family favorite of his. Maybe some of you have heard of it, but I never had... it's this thing called Ponderosa Cake. Cool name, right? Do those buffet restaurants still exist? It's a pretty dense cake, filled with a cinnamon sugar layer, and covered with a brown sugar cinnamon topping and chocolate chips.

Is it awesome? Totally... especially if you're a cinnamon fan like me. I'd say it's like a tender coffee cake, but with chocolate.... and it disappears in about 3 seconds in front of a group of hungry chiropractic students. Seriously, don't blink:)

Now, unfortunately... I did not get the EXACT recipe, but there are a few of them online if you search around. I think it's very similar to the one found here. It's a big, cake, so it takes close to an hour to bake in a 13x9. If any of the Cananaidans out there has a different recipe, I'd like to see it... because many of us Americans don't know much about this delicious cake.
That's all I have for now... I'm still kinda wiped from sleeping in a bunch of different places. I now know how nomads and Christmas hams feel like :) Stay tuned for family desserts, and don't worry, FFF will be back. We need all need advice on Halloween candy control :) Did you know that Tootsie rolls make you stronger? Ha... juuust kidding :)

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Hey sweetie pie, glad to see you back. We are all so proud of you. So should we start calling you Little Joe Or Paw? Just kidding. The Ponderosa Cake sounds delicious. Have fun with Mom. Be sure and tell her she has to share you with all of us. :)

yummy i love chocolate and cinnamon. :) glad you had a nice trip back home. Eager to read your next interesting posts :)

holy macaroni that cake looks good! welcome back!

Yup that cake looks damn good!

And do those buffet restaurants still exist?!

Not only am I SUPER elated that you're back, but I'm ALSO happy that you come back with Ponderosa cake - looks insanely good!!

Wow - love the cake. AND it looks like someone had a great time traveling. Welcome back!


oh my ponderosa porn! i can see how that cake disappears in the blink of an eye. Glad you had good travels, and I can't wait to see what you and mom bake up ;-)

Welcome back to you too. :) I'm glad travels went well and I can't wait to see what you and your mom come up with. I bet it will involve cinnamon. Just a hunch.

Glad you are back! Sounds like you have been having fun. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!! This cake is calling my name, it really is. I can hear it!! YUM!!!

Yeah he's back, he's alive and he's still kicking it!
I would be really tired too. You're lucky to have such helping parents. Well, we all missed you here, you're a pretty popular fellow around these parts.
That Ponderosa buffet picture made me laugh as I once went to a Country Buffet and got really sick for 2 days from there. I still, to this day, wonder how people eat at those places; they must have iron stomaches.
Anywho, good to have you back!

Sounds like you had a an amazing time. I am loving that cake, especially since I am a big cinnamon fan!

What an awesome cake. I've never heard of it before, but now I have to try it; sounds too good to pass up!

The cake looks delicious and it's great to see you back.

That looks fabulous! Glad you had a safe trip and yay for not getting sidelined by security!

Welcome back Adam. I love cinnamon in cake. I shall be looking forward to your baking with your mum.

Welcome back Adam. I am glad you had a fun and safe trip. It sounds like you ate really well too. The ponderosa cake sounds amazing. I LOVE cinnamon so this is calling my name.

You are back! Glad you enjoyed your trip, and why on earth would you like flying???
I dread it everytime I do a 20 hr flight back home. Escpecially after seeing "Lost"!
That cake looks nice! And I am yet to post your pumpkin cheesecake brownie online(waiting for halloween) ;)

Ponderosa Cake? Never heard of it, but I HAVE to make it. Cinnamon, Good, Cake, Good, Chocolate, Good!

Welcome back.

A cake with chocolate and cinnamon? You can't go wrong with that, eh?!

I'm in the US now, but this time I took a plane, so it was a bit hard to make a stop in Albany... ;)

I'm glad you're back Adam! I can't wait to see what you and your mom bake up. That cake looks amazing, almost like a really thick chocolate chip cookie. We may have some similarities, but I would love to have some of your laid back, take it easy kinda style over my crazy nervousness.. haha

Congratulations on your travels, your safe return home, and your upcoming graduation!!! You rock, Dr. Adam!! Your patients are going to be so fortunate to have you guiding them towards healthier lives.

Oh I knew that about Canadians! I traveled with a Canadian friend around England, and she admited she'll throw in some ehs so people know she is from Canada and not the US. Otherwise, you couldn't tell.

That cake does sound interesting. I'll have to ask my fellow Canadian friends about it. And we do have a Ponderosa somewhere by my house. I believe it got renovated?? Although I prefer Golden Corral.

And I did have a skull pick for my Halloween cupcakes! I just didn't use it. Guess I'll have to make another batch and make one for you ;)

Welcome home! Sorry I wasn't one of those who wished you well, you know I meant to! Glad you had a good time, even if it was confusing to your stomach!

Welcome back! That's a good looking cake.

Welcome back! I'm Canadian and never heard of this cake. I'm sure I would enjoy it.

Welcome back - good you had a great trip. Ponderosa - oh goodness - take me back to memories of days gone by. I don't remember seeing a Ponderosa buffet for ages but that cake is pretty darned familiar. You want coffee cakes, I got a million of 'em ... ha chattity cha cha cha ....eh?

My goodness Adam. I thought I'd put one over on you. Never thought someone so young would know anything about Bonanza. But I should have figured you were just too smart for that. You are just one cool dude! ;)

Omg, it's just before lunch...and that cake...THAT CAKE is painful to look at, but oh so good at the same time. So hungry, must consume.

Great looking cake but Ponderosa steam tables (shudder).

Oh wow, ponderosa cake sounds really, really good. I'm going to have to bake one.

Welcome back!

Welcome back :) glad to hear you had fun. That cake sounds a-mah-zing, I love cinnamon, I love big cakes...

Never heard of a ponderosa cake but I'm going to really like this. Cinnamon and chocolate? Oh yeah.

Rofls, the 'inspirational' poster!

I've never head of a ponderosa cake before, but it looks delicious.

Congrats on the milestones!

Glad you're back my dear! Tell your Canadian friend to start a food blog, loved that cake!

Next time you're in town let me know... so i can bug you beforehand to bring me CAKE!! :-) Seriously, i'm always in Chinatown!

Me want cake!! Ponderosa is such a cool name for a cake by the way.

that is one mad fly cake...
and a pretty much awesome blog!
glad to have come across it.

O.M.G. Freal...
This looks AMAzing! Looks like something I'd make at work. I'm so totally doing a search for this...

FYI, I've been adding extra butter (only 1/2 a stick) to the biscuits & they're pretty much gone before I leave in the morning. I've bee adding 1/2 cup sugar to the scones...& same thing--gone in 60 seconds!

Glad you had a great time. That is one gorgeous cake. Your mom is so lucky to have a baking companion. I bet she's soooooo happy.