Fitness Fun Fridays #16

Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallllllllloooween! Hahaha I love this time of year. I mean who doesn't like blood, ghosts, and a good scare? Ok... fake blood, then :) I'm not a fan of the red stuff either. I hope everyone has some cool plans and is getting ready to have a scarified safe one.

Yes, I am aware that I missed last Friday. I'm sorry, and while it was totally my fault, I want to blame it on not having a computer at the hotel. I got all the towels, soap, and pool use I want, but computers and Internet... not so much :) My bad, ladies and dudes... but don't worry cool kids, it's time to be brought back to the land where learning is fun, and you walk away from the computer a little smarter.

In celebration of the upcoming awesome holiday (and impending holiday season for that matter), we going to talk about something that mind be bothering some of you... How in the world do I limit holiday weight gain? I mean candy is everywhere, and it understands me...

I have no problem with the holidays. Why? Because holidays are a special day. Imagine how special your birthday would be if it was everyday, or everyweek. It would be boring and routine, and we'd all be much, much older than we are now :) So, with this in mind, to limit any type of overindulgence, remember...

Halloween and other holidays are just one day. If that Kit Kat, or Almond Joy, or whatever is calling your name... go ahead and answer, but keep a limit to yourself. Say something like, well today is Oct 31, so I'll have a piece of candy or two for the next day or two. And that's it. Cut yourself off after that. Just like spilling a beer at a party, this might sound like heresy... but throw the candy out after Election Day. Vote for a president, and vote to stay the healthy holiday eating course. Your body will love you for it :)

Keep up your regular workout routine (shopping, swimming, raking leaves, etc.). As the weather gets colder, we find more and more reasons to stay inside and not brave the harsh elements. Now I'm not saying 'Dude there's 5 feet of snow outside, head over to the gym', but I'm saying just keep up the schedule. The more of a habit you make something, the easier and automatic it becomes.

Always remember to eat balanced meals, especially with protein and fats. Protein and fats keep your metabolism humming along, and also decrease your spike in insulin and blood sugar. While eating turkey breast with a side of Snickers doesn't sound too appetizing, it's more important that you eat balanced meals throughout the day... and then your treats afterward. Having candy as a snack by itself actually has a more detrimental affect than if coupled with other healthy food.

So you just ate 15 King Size Bars? Wow, what houses did you hit up Trick or Treating? Can I come? Anyways, don't worry, it's not the end of the world :) Just remember, stay active. Try your best to:
  • Go take your kids to a corn maze and burn off some energy (just don't lose them),
  • Go to a Haunted House
  • Make a Leaf-Man (like a snowman but with leaves)
  • Apple Picking takes tons of energy and is hilarious
  • Go for a brisk walk with the family before it gets too wicked cold :)
Just remember holidays are special because they happen only a few times a year, so have a good time, and keep your sanity. We definitely have enough going on already, right?

So that's going to be it for today everyone. Thank you all so very much for wishing me luck as I finish school. There's about 25 days left, so I'm just hanging around home, internship-ing for a few hours a week, and trying to take it easy. I'm slowing making my blog rounds, and everyone has such awesome treats going on. I'm going on pumpkin overload, but in a very good way :) Keep 'em coming...

So now, I leave you with some pictures of the past. I like to dress up each year, even as I get older. Since I started chiropractic school I have been...

Joe Dirt
Ron Burgundy

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Folks!

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oh adam, i just love your pumpkin... lol... so cute... :)

LOVE the costumes, cannot even pick a favorite - but the mustache is just priceless.

And the vomiting pumpkin - can't get enough of it.

Thanks for the giggles at work. :)

cool, thanks for sharing the tips! my first time here..the vomiting pumpkin is just hilarious!:)

Great advice Adam. Love the Halloween costumes - especially Beetlejuice.

HAHA!!! Your costumes are amazing :-D


Joe Dirt! Hey, Joe Dirt is a hottie there!
You are so funny! Love these. Awesome costumes. What are you going as tonight?
Have a good safe!

digging the joe dirt costume! :)

i keep from eating too much candy by handing out candy i won't munch on...skittles and starburst for everyone!

hahaha...oh, joe dirt.

good tips. and i will take your advice with that leaf-man thing. sounds like a good way to entertain myself for hours on end, only to end up sobbing and running away while tearing my hair out in i won't try it :|

happy halloween! have fun!

whoa. every time i decide it's not a treadmill day, i'll think how disappointed you would be!

and if there is 5 feet of snow, you can bet i'm running a 5k in it. ;)

ps- happy halloween!

Ahahahahahaah! You sould totally grow a moustache! And I so love you for considering shopping an exercise! I want Halloween candy!!!

Love all the pics! Thanks for the great advice!

Happy Halloween. Love the costumes.

Great tips on the candy. I'm not so drawn to it but the rest of my family is. Our orthodontist is giving kids a dollar for every pound of candy they give to her- I think my son is actually going to give up some of his to get some cash!

Great Halloween costumes! We're going to a H. party tonight where my husband and I will be Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee! (It's a bit of a wild and crazy party) Hope your Halloween was fun!

Aww! The sick pumpkin looks so cute! Nice costumes, especially the beetlejuice one :)

So good pics Adam!! Im not a fan to Halllowen but Esperanza loves it and last night was to a friend to sleep, I love your sick pumpkin!gloria

Leaf man? I'll have to build me one of those.

Adam, I needed to read that post today. Love the pics. I'm a Halloween fan with costumes, decos etc. Even going to an Halloween Party tonight. Have a great w-end.

Cool costumes.. haha.
And thanks for the tips. Good thing I can't do the it's snowy outside excuse... I live 2 blocks from the gym.

Oh Adam, you're so funny. I mean it. I bet you keep your friends cracking up. I say AMEN, Brother to the moderation thiningy. I've been saying that forever. I love to cook just like you do. But if I pigged out on everything I cooked and baked it would take more than your Fitness Fridays to get me back in shape. Everything in moderation is the key to a well balanced life.

Nice pictures. And good advice. When it comes to candy corn, moderation is the ONLY way to get through the season :)

I've totally ignored the whole moderation thing.. with Christmas coming up, I don't know what I'm going to do!! Those reese's pb cups are just too irresistable! Btw, I did have chicken with snickers, mars, and some more stuff today.. hahah.. If I'm going to have chocolate, I may as well try to control those insulin spikes.

Nice Halloween costumes! haha
How come i have ALWAYS the same costume for halloween?.. a chef outfit! :-)

Yes, i'm always working. Damned!

Thanks for the good advice but i should have read you a little sooner... I already ate too much candies!!

Nice Halloween costumes. Pity we don't celebrate Halloween.

hi, belated Happy Halloween! Love that pumpkin pic... I am not sure I know all the characters you dressed up as, but they are impressive! I wish I had not read this post now, because I just had a whole jar of Dublin Mudslide from Ben & Jerry's yesterday at Sentosa, thinking I would burn it off at Sentosa, but ended up not doing so, and feeling guilty, skipping dinner etc. Holidays are a weight-gain package too, and this post is just right to keep a check...

Great ideas...but you know what? That pic of the pumpkin barfing - I thought it was an original. We had a halloween gathering at work Friday and someone entered that same pumpkin in the contest...and here I am such a dork thinking that they came up w/the idea all by themselves and here it is all over the web - lol.


cool pumpkin. I went trick or treating and I've eaten about half of the candy that I got already. You're right, its important to eat healthy then a bit of candy. btw, nice costumes :]

Hhahahhahah! Those are great costumes!

I was a pirate/hooker. I couldn't get my gangster costume together in time.

Your tips are terrific!! I love your list of wonderful fall fitness activities - I want to do all of them, please!

Your costumes are absolutely brilliant, as well... :-)

HAHA, those pictures! Makes me smile :)

That's pretty much how I view it, I take the 'splurge' into account and adjust accordingly.

And I went through a corn maze this year. I DID NOT GET LOST! Okay, I had a map, but the map was off and it made the distance seem much longer then it was. I figured it out, I'm so smart. =D

Hope you had a fab Halloween. We don't really get into it here in New Zealand - although the shops try and make it happen - but I love dressing up, for whatever reason. Totally sweet photos, love the Ron Burgundy one :)

Sorry that I'm not into carving pumpkins...Or dressing up. It's hard enough deciding what regular clothes to put on. Now you want me to dress up & be somebody else, too?? I...donthinkso.

I did draw on a pumpkin with Sharpies though. Does that count?

Great costumes! Love them all!! thanks for the holiday tips. so important!! These next few months can be dangerous, but they don't have to be! Everything in moderation and of course keep on moving!!

Adam, I love those Halloween pics. I especially love the Beetlejuice one. I hope things are calming down for you a little bit. Thanks for stopping by dear one. Talk to you again soon. BTY, you're welcomed to breakfast anytime.

Very sweet pumpkin!

haha, nice! where are the pumpkin recipes? ;-)

Nice pumpkin!

:)) Nice pictures!

Happy (belated) Halloween, Adam!

The worst thing for me is that I always travel in October and then I spend a month trying to get back into a normal routine and then it is the holidays again! Ack!

Lol! Beetlejuice is my fave. I have a sad afro that makes it's appearance for dress-ups; maybe I should get a moustache.

Ha ha ha - love the outfits!

Adam, I think I need your help!!! I've been totally out of motivation for proper food for the last week - and eaten sooooo much chocolate! And pizza. And cheese. And wine. Eeeek!!! ;)

Halloween seems to have shifted somehow - now - very few little kids and lots of adults dressed up.
In spite of harder financial times, people are still out there spending like crazy for Halloween.

Wow nice recipe. Looks delicious. We don t celebrate Halloween much here. Your party sounds like it was great fun. I m glad you enjoyed it :) I have to try this recipe :)

Wow! I don't know too many people with the patience to cut up a pumpkin. I think in my entire life I've seen people not use canned pumpkin about three times.

My brother has been saying for years that canned pumpkin is another type of squash altogether and isn't pumpkin, but it seems that piece of info never seems to penetrate the wider world.

this is such a spankin good cobbler. i love the combination of different fruits and the fact that you made your own pumpkin puree. i've never done that before, but i have made pumpkin seeds. haha

I don't have any pumpkin leftover, but I will so willingly to go and get some, now after seeing this post!!! It's awesome!