Fitness Fun Fridays #13

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And it's Friday again, raddid tat-tat-tat (drumming fingers on the desk Andy from The Office style). Happy Fridays Big Tuna's, I had a pretty cool week, mostly because when it comes to graduation requirements... I am done. Finished. There was a time when I thought treating 250 different people would be a lot... but ya know it wasn't that bad :) Thanks for all the positive feedback I got last week (and some very, very interesting stories) and I hope you all had a great week too.

So I was thinking about what to dive into this week, and a couple of friends of mine were asking me about protein stuff in clinic. I was answering to the best of my knowledge and then it hit me... we talked about protein in the past, and how many of you might not be getting enough... so what about

Protein powders? Now I was waiting to see if Biden-Palin would touch on this in their debate, but I guess they ran out of time. So, let's leave it up to me then :)

After talking to a good buddy of mine across the Atlantic last night, I realized that some people might not know what protein powders are. Maybe you've seen them, on the shelf, all brightly colored, screaming look at me, and having slogans written like "gain massive muscle in 2 hours" with Hulk Hogan or someone on it. Listen, I'll let you in on a tip... I would say that men eat protein powder more than women... and men are visual people. There I said it. I just sold out my gender. We like brightly colored, shiny, loud things. That's why the plastic jugs look like this. Should you judge a protein powder by it's outside... absolutely not.

So let's get to the big questions... So what is this stuff? Do you need to take it? Will it make you huge?

Well protein powders are exactly what the words imply... they are protein in a dry, storable, powder form. Add some type of liquid, mix it together, and eat/drink it. It's that easy :) While every powder is different, especially on taste... each scoop has close to the same properties, based on it's protein source.

Whoa, protein source? Isn't protein... just like, protein?

Nope. Protein powder can come from a variety of foods. The most popular is whey protein, by far... and it comes from whey, which is a byproduct of milk manufacturing. Over the past few years, I am shocked at the spike in it's prices, but then again, milk has gone up too right? Whey protein is great for muscle building, and is a powder of choice among weight lifters, due to the fact it is very fast absorption. When you finish a workout and your muscles are hungry for nutrients, you want a fast acting protein to help you recover. That's why it gets the Adam stamp of approval.

Powders also come from sources of: brown rice, soy, casein, egg, and a few others. You can definitely find one to fit any allergic, vegan, or dietary restrictions. Whenever you consider a powder though, you want to look at the label... here's an example of one.

Now I like this one. Let's walk through it together. From my other posts, you might know what to look at already... we have our Big three, Carbs, Fat, and Protein, right? Well we want a protein high in protein, and low in the other two. So if you look at the values, this one is really nice. 23g of protein with only one gram of sugar, and 1.5 grams of fat. Nice, dude. So basically when you take this, you're getting all protein without any other stuff. That means there's no hidden calories or junk in it. Some of you may want to be weary of aspartame, fake sweeteners, sodium levels, and weird science word ingredients. Make sure to check for those.

I compare it to having too many drinks with friends. It's easy to drink your calories and forget about them right? It's kind of like... Whoa, I had 6 beers already, whoops. Well a protein shake high in sugar or fat could cause you to gain unwanted weight too. So always, always, always check out labels.

Now let's tackle the other questions... this is important.

Protein powders are not steroids. While I love Arnold and Franco (the latter is a chiro), they had what I call "special help". Looking that way without steroids is almost impossible, I say almost because genetics can vary. Protein powder is a supplement, and is exactly what it says... ground up dry protein. Therefore, it's safe to say you will not get huge-normus from it, and not wake up one day with your shirts all being too small :) On a personal note, I've taken powders for about 5 years now, and I am by no means a huge guy (my facebook friends can probably back me up). So, not to worry, it is not illegal, and will not hurt you, I promise. I haven't even yelled at someone this week, so there's no roid rage here :)

Do you need to take it? Well, that's a personal question. Because a supplement should help you in your diet, so ask yourself if you are getting enough protein. Back in my protein post, we talked about getting about 1.8g/kg of bodyweight. If you are far off, I would consider it. Remember that protein does many functions, including:
  • Increasing satiety and decreasing hunger
  • Burns calories during digestion to process it
  • Builds muscle, hair, nails, etc
  • Excess has a very hard time converting to fat
There's a whole bunch of other reasons too, but I recommend re-reading that prior post, or just doing a quick research on your own. I like protein powder around my training because it's given me great results, and it's a cheap source of food... food is expensive when you eat 6-8 times a day :)

Alright, I think that's going to be it for today. I hope I perked many an interest, and if you want to email me certain questions, go right ahead, I actually have some free time now :) Other random stuff...
  • I've been in a baking rut recently, but I'll try to fix it this weekend
  • I had to wear a jacket yesterday because of the cold
  • Buckwheat is delicious
  • 51 days until I'm a chiropractor
  • You guys are cool cats
  • I need a good cornbread recipe for next weekend
Yup, random... I told you so. Happy weekend everyone!

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Looove "The Office" reference!! :0)

I use hemp protein powder every single day, for my morning protein shake - it's an easy way to add more protein to my diet.

Happy Friday, Adam!! Thanks for another great FFF post!!

Another informative FFF post Adam. I am sorry you are in a baking rut but the cooler weather will give you time to try baking new things. I sure wish you had a clinic here in Portland - my neck is messed up from car accidents. UGH.

"Some of you may want to be weary of aspartame, fake sweeteners, sodium levels, and weird science word ingredients. Make sure to check for those."

Thank you for saying this Adam! I always find that it is nonsensical that a lot of supplement powders have this kind of junk in there. That is pretty much why I stopped using them altogether! LOL! But I did find a whey protein powder I liked a lot called Paleomeal.

Anyway, congrats on getting all your requirements completed! :)

Don't feel bad about the jacket thing. I put my summer clothes away for the season last night. *sniff*

Good think you talked with your good buddy yesterday or I would still be realting protein powder with pieces of furniture where you store clothes, ahahah!
I think for the amount of weight lifting I do, I'll stick with my cocoa powder suplement but this is great information. Specially the hidden calories, that is such a good point!
We forgive you from beeing a baking rat cause of your graduation! Yay!

Ah-ha!! Men are visual wonder it seems that the are only TWO people notice the fact that it was 11 entries shy from 100!!And you know who those two are!! :P

Though I beg to differ, why is it man can't find anything in fridge or pantry, just because oh..the jar hidden behind another jar? Heehee.

Protein powder..*wrinkling nose*, Vik used to toss in a scoop of this thing in shakes. And you are so right, the gigantic funny color jars. I am bit nosy, but wonder what's the change of career..bodybuilder to chiropractic?

Geez Adam - I thought Palin covered the protein stuff really well ... I mean, didn't she go on and on about energy?? Oh. You mean, that doesn't count?

Yes, another Office fan!! I was so bummed it didn't air this week because of the VP debate. And yay for completing graduation requirements. It's such a great feeling (although mine won't come until next semester).

Congrats on being done. I love reading all your info on Fridays.

I'm back for more torture! :) Just kidding. I will be healthy...I will be healthy...I will be healthy. Why? Because Adam said so. I trust Adam's advise. He's so cool. I just need you to tell me that all the energy drinks that my 19 year old daughter drinks while she's taking 15 hours of university classes and working 30 hours a week isn't going to harm her. I've got to get her to read your blog.

Well done on being nearly finished, now I know who to call when my chiro needs practing. (sorry, lame.) I guess I always associated protein powders with steroids so now I...won't. They don't sound so bad (maybe not for me though) so thanks for clearing that up :) As for cornbread (which I frigging LOVE), Nigella's is lovely. I have it somewhere on my blog but you could probably google it.

Good info! Though not for me, I have a strong gag reflex and could not eat this if my life depended on it. But I found it useful just the same, since as I thought more about it, I realized I had wondered in the back of my mind what was up with it.

Actually, Ben and the kids drink something like this every morning. We call it 'shake' and they can't get enough of it. Gabe throws a tantrum when his sippy cup runs dry. I think he is on his way to being the most stacked 2 year old around the playground... when he turns 2 next month.

I think it is more the a protein powder though, some kind of health thing that I just dump in and don't ask questions. And best of all it's free!

LOL about swass and the other swamp thing. Thanks for not elaborating, I don't think I could handle it, whatever it is! We just add the sw in front of any body part and make up our own, give it a try, it's great fun!

PS -there is a REALLY good cornbread recipe on Janet is Hungry's site {check my sidebar, or google} under 'breads' -best I've tried, and I've tried a LOT, trust me. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject...

Hi Adam, your post helped me clear a huge misconception about those bottles that I always wondered about at the 'Wellness' retail store. The only powder I have ever used as a dietary supplement is Nutrilite. Will definitely analyze my protein intake and decide if I need a protein supplement, and I will definitely choose the one with your stamp of approval:-)

I have to say that I probably unfairly avoid the big shiny bottles. I hate that packaging can sway me! At least I read the labels on the girly labelled bottles thoroughly.

I always add a big spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder to protein shakes. They are never chocolaty enough and cocoa has so few calories and tons of antioxidants.

That was a really informative post. I've never had protein powder before, but I'm pretty sure I don't need it considering how inactive I am and we eat a lot of meat at home. We actually had 5 chickens in the freezer at one point.. now the freezer's stocked with my butter!

Anyway.. I had this dream that this was your final FFF and post ever. I'm glad this 'real' post was actually on protein.. phew! I can't wait to see your cornbread.

Great post, and something I'm really familiar with. I'm an optimum nutrition whore. Relatively cheap and easily mixable with a spoon.

Nice post with great advices!

Happy weekend to you too!

Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks again.

I dunno if what I do at work can really be considered baking... Yeah, it's done in an oven. But we use cake mix and pre-made pie crusts, danishes, croissants, etc... BORING! So when I get home, I'm ready to do some REAL baking, but I'm usually too tired.

PS: You find a recipe for oatmeal cream pies. I'll find a different recipe. We'll test them against each other! Sound good?

My parents made me drink protein shakes in high school, when I played tennis, because I was so small.

I hate them! They make me sick.


Hope you are out of your rut. I'm having some trouble also.

Very informative post! Thanks!

Congrats on completing the graduation requirements!

great post again Adam!! and congrats 51 days to go :-) hope you had a great weekend!

CONGRATS!! i just finished up my graduate work... still can't believe it i've been in school all my life :)

good info on the protein, and i got intrigued by your comment about buckwheat. I just tried to make kasha (i think that is roasted buckwheat?) and it didn't turn out so hot...

51 days!!! Congratulations!!! Go Adam! I'm so excited for you!!

I love love love the office reference... :-) You made my day!!

And thank you SO much for the great advice about protein powders... I've been thinking more and more about smoothies as complete meals, since I keep hearing from nurses that they usually go their entire 12 hour shift without eating, and it seemed to me like smoothies would be the perfect solution... A patient's chart in one hand, a smoothie in another? :-)

very informative, Adam... but I'm still thinking if this is for me...LOL.. :)

Congratulations on finishing your requirements! THAT is awesome. When can you be called doctor?

Do chocolate chip cookies count as protein? They DO have eggs...

Awesome job, as usual! That label looks almost exactly like the powder I use.

You probably know this, but have you seen the protein content in Kashi GoLean cereal (I know! A cereal!)? Like 13 grams! I swear, KGoLean is a miracle food, love it! 40% daily fiber intake too.

OH! There's an idea for you - fiber post (the 2 types - broom vs. sponge). :)

I've considered taking them before, but never got around it. I sometimes got protein bars after the gym, but since we canceled the membership now it's eating beans after my workouts at home. LOL

I used to have to drink protein shakes to try to gain weight. Not fun! I didn't like most of them but they are coming out with better stuff. Thanks for the info!

Hahaha great brains think alike! Especially when it comes to brownies!

I haven't had a chance to sort through oatmeal cream pie recipes yet, so if you find more than one, send one my way please! :)

I've been in a cooking rut recently, too.
My hair really needs a trim.
We were baking bread until 3am yeasterday. Yawn.
I'm thinking about doing my Master's degree in education. Stlll thinking.
You're really cool, too. And I like the protein shake info.

Adam, yo know I love Fridays and is a sooo god information,Many thanks dear xGloria

Congrats on your graduation! That must have lifted up the weight off your shoulders and of course you need a lot of protein and energy for that ;)
A great informative installment as always!

Fall flavors yes, lovely indeed.
I am a little apprehensive about adding the coffee (since I don't drink it), but will take your word and will try it.

I love this time of year for all the great pumpkin goodies I get to try... This sounds awesome!

I am kinda with you on the Brownie thing, not a big fan.

Adam, I am so glad I have met you. You have such a beautiful blog and I've been reading a few of yours posts. What a great combinations of ingredients in these brownies. I must get some pumpkin and make these brownies.