Fitness Fun Friday #14

Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok, today is a going to be an easy going, laughing type day. Usually on Friday, I like everyone to learn at least one thing that'll carry on over into the weekend. Ya know, like a little gobstopper you can take for the road. So far, I've been having a blast balancing science with fun, and it hasn't been as difficult as keeping an elephant and a goose on a teeter totter :) Maybe some of you don't even realize you are learning, which is the ultimate goal of a teacher, right?

Well, today... the rules are getting broken. I don't know whether it's the weather (say that 5 times fast), or the fact that I've been listening to Poison alot lately... but today, I'm going to be science-less. Yup. Low on the science, high on the fun shenanigans.

Today is all about Gym Etiquette... idea courtesy of Tony at Olive Juice. He's a super cool cat with artistic skills that makes Monet blush, which is why he deserves the name "Big Ton, creator of delicious food". Ok, I'm the only one that probably calls him that.

While there are other lists like this on the Internet... I haven't checked but I imagine... this is going to be an original one by me. These are things I have seen and experienced over the years. All of these are personal opinions, but I bet we can agree on at least a couple :) So, for the first timer walking into the gym... please remember to:
  • Treat the gym like it's your home - clean up after yourself - I can't tell you how many times I put other people's weights away. They can be 20 lb weights, or 120 lb ones, and it doesn't matter how big the person is. I think if you are going to use effort to work out, then use a little more to clean up.
  • If you want to scream, keep it at home - Am I saying you can't exert effort? Of course not... lifting is an intense exercise, and you need to breathe correctly and everything. We all just don't need you to sound like a girl a New Kids concert.
  • Be friendly, and ask first, touch second - Ha this isn't about going out on a date, but about using gym equipment. The gym is like seats in a movie theater in the way that some stuff gets "saved" while they are gone for a second. If you aren't sure if someone is using something, ask first... it's more than likely you can use it, or 'work in with them'... share equipment.
  • Don't worry about what other people are doing - Just do what you would like to do. So someone is squatting 900 lbs? It's ok, let them do what they want. The gym is about bettering yourself, and worrying about others is not going to affect your personal goals or dreams. Numero uno is number one here :)
  • Don't walk in front of people who are training - This is HUGE. Here's a quick story: I am doing shoulder presses in front of a mirror. I am using alot of weight, and I need the mirror so I don't knock myself in the head. So I do a couple, and go... for... that lasssst one.... and some kid walks in front of me - Oh my goodness, I can't see!!, someone... anyone... Fear sets in... and I could've gotten really hurt. Moral of the story... just wait a second or two, then walk by... or just walk behind me.
  • Does this gym have a swimming pool? Oh that's a bench - If you left something a sweaty mess, please clean it up. This kind of goes with the first bullet :)
  • And finally - Get rid of the cell phone - Now, I know this might ruffle some feathers... I mean what if something important happens while you are gone? Johnny might need to get picked up from the game, or maybe you're the first one to find out that John Stamos is doing a book signing down the street... but, maybe, just maybe... it can wait. If you're in the gym for one hour a few times a week... this should be your time. Time totally devoted to you. No one should be able to contact you, and I think that's a good thing. It's relaxing, it's personal. Life can wait for the other 23 hours of the day, right?

So that's a couple of things I've learned in the past few years. I hope you smiled a least a few times :) Wait a minute, is it even possible to not smile, during a BwD post? I won't even try to hide it, I love the gym. Unless something really exciting or original is happening, it's pretty much the highlight of my day. It's probably not that big deal to you yet, but maybe one day :) Feel free to share any fun stories you have... I'm sure there's bound to be a couple. Have a fantastic weekend guys, and remember... you're awesome.


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I'll print this post and put it my gym for the screaming guy to read. I hope he can understand english... I've never heared him talk, just scream...

Great gym etiquette. I hate it when I go to lay down on a bench and someone left their sweat all over it - YUCK! The screaming guys drive me nuts too.

thanks for the awesome FFF on GE and the shout out, Adam! Monet blush?! haha, where do you come up with these things :) And the photos - priceless... especially the one with the cat.
enjoy the long weekend!! I should probably head out to the gym now before I get lazy.

Adam, you are too funny!! I didn't just smile.. I was laughing through your entire post and agreeing with you on everything. You know another place where its annoying to use the cell phone.. the library! Yep, aren't you glad your student days are just about over? I hope everything at the clinic is going well especially with all your bookings.

Another good post. You make me smile. Have a good w-end.

haha, i smiled the whole post :) GREAT tips, especially leaving a swimming pool on the bench... not acceptable. it's the neverending gobstopper!

I'll add another: some people actually come to the gym to work out. If you're on a piece of equipment and just talking to your workout buddy for over 5 minutes--GET OFF and go grab a coffee. sorry, i guess that's what i get at a school gym :)

No, no...YOU'RE awesome, you Ecto Cooler gobstopper, you :)

So..I totally avoid gyms so that #1:I can save money #2: so I can actually focus on my running, because let's face it--what everyone else is doing is sooo much more interesting #3: I really like to talk to myself, and people will think I'm a) crazy or b) on a cell phone and give me dirty looks.

Hell yes for proper gym etiquette - you need to have this blog post published and circulated nationwide, pronto!! :0)

This post had me laughing! You forgot one thing....if you go do the gym, leave the perfume and cologne at home. I can't stand it when I'm working out and all of a sudden a cloud of perfume comes my way...blech!

OMG, I love Poison! One of the ultimate 80's bands. You had me listening to all of the songs on YouTube.

I love it! Wish I could post this at my gym for all to read!

Really nice:-)I did smile through it! Thanks for the fun part, all the learning in the past few FFF posts left me a little concerned about my diet and fitness:D. This is fun, though I am yet to go regularly to a gym.

You really made me laugh :) the pics are really funny too. Thanks for the nice funny post :)

Don't even get my started on gym etiquette. I have a list of gym pet peeves of my own. I'm so with you on the screamers and the cell phone gabbers. I also agree with Lisa about the people who use the equipment like it's a park bench. That goes for people who read thepaper while they rest between sets. Just let someone work in with you!!!!

I personally can't stand it when people use the water fountain as their personal spitoon. I'm dying for a drink of water, I go to the fountain, and when I go to take a drink, I see someone has hocked a loogie in it. NASTY!

Then there are the people who park their chewing gym on the equipment like a high school student. That's almost as nasty.

I never knew walking in front of someone was poor etiquette - of course if I went to the gym more often maybe I'd even know how to use half of the equipment properly. Of course swimming is my exercise of choice and having kids jumping in yelling Geronimo when you're trying to do laps is a tad annoying I must admit. I love the LOL cat - how cute is that.

one gobstopper?!?! u can't be serious!! whoa. and let's talk about walking in front of the mirror thing: it's just as bad as when i'm trying on a sexy pair of shoes and some
chick walks right in front of me and my shot as if I weren't even there! sometimes that warrants me taking the other heel and clobbering her!

okay maybe that's a bit too much, but i totally get it!

ur stuff is packed up and finally ready to go!! hope u enjoy!

Totally agree with you!
But I got to admit that I never knew that walking in front of people who are training was a big no no.
Never done it before, but now I will be extra cautious... had a good laugh!
Screaming, grunting, loud panting just freaks me out.

Great post! I loved reading about all the happenings at the gym.
I can't believe that person walked right in front of you! I would have killed him/her.

I usually only exercise in gyms on vacation but these are great tips.

Being courteous whether in the kitchen or in the gym is common sense, unless you were raised by a pig. I think it's wonderful that you can use your charm:) to gently remind people to behave around others the way they would like for them to behave in kind. You are such a sweetheart.

Thank you for the great tips - this world needs more politeness education! :-)

(and your brownies look oh my goodness amazing...)

Hey! Sorry I'm so late in posting. I've been offline for a while. And thanks for your comments on my blog. I was sooooooo sad and depressed. Getting better now as I look at homes for sale, and bookmark them to see this week. I'm just thankful we have a downpayment for a house in this crazy market.
With regards to this post, I have to say 'ditto' to what Clumbsy Cookie said. I have a couple of meatheads in my gym that are always screaming and grunting. What's up with that? How in the world does that make a man look more macho? So not hot.
Have a good Sunday buddy--excellent post (make sure to say excellent the way it's said in Wayne's World)

Adam,you know I love your Fridays aI think are interesting and lovelies but today I love the pictures you put!!!! are so funny !!! xxGloria

Adam, had to tag you...

And these are all reasons why I don't go to the gym!!


I like swimming though - can you do a swim list that includes that nobody gets away with white swimwear... ;) Particularly that rather large gentleman last week... (shudder)

thanks for the great post! something I always wonder about though, which you didn't mention...

if you use a machine, like say a treadmill, and you do a 5 minute warmup on it, are you still obligated to clean it off? in those cases i hardly ever do, but i feel like i get dirty looks... but it could all be in my head.


new reader!
this made me laugh. my bf is a weightlifter and he's told me stories about the gym and stuff similar to this! hahaha

happy eating!

Hmm I never would have thought about the walking in front of the mirror thing. Usually they are tucked away in a corner so I don't have to worry about it.

Frankly I've never been to the gym, we have one treadmill at home which is catching dust:). I do more of Yogic workouts than Cardio . Anyways it was certainly amusing going through you post. Quite opposite is my better half ,who works out in a gym like a daily ritual, I could fwd this post to him. hit my pet peeve. I am 5'4" and weigh 110 - so I'm fairly petite. So when some dufus leaves 45s on the Smith Machine when the bar is UP HIGH??? SO PISSED!! I can lift 45s easy at waist height - but above me? Argh!!!

Or, when someone just talks to you wayyyyyyyyyyy too long - and you're really just there to get your workout done in as little time as possible. That's a tough one. Conversations should be short at the gym. OH! And, my eyes are UP here - not down there.

Geeze, guess I really needed that vent huh? Thanks, man.

another very informative post... :)

Great tips for the gym! Too bad I just sold my gym pass and bought an elliptical for the house!! I will still be on my best behavior at home:)

What about changing room etiquette next?

Ew..I hate it when people don't clean their weights or any other equipment!! Especially (well..sorry to be mean) when you see they were sweating immensely..yucks..then they just leave the things and walk away!!

When I was in my chemo treatment, gym is a huge 'no no' place to visit. 'Yes Cecil, it may well be the most nastiest place to be when you have zero immune system' - I wanted to argue, but thought better of it.

Yours looks good, but I think I have to give the award to VeggieGirl! My daughter took one look at VeggieGirl's banana bread and said I WANT THAT!

I'll try yours too though!

I'm just sizing up the competition here! I think the dog toy is about the same size as my dog... We could probably throw down, I'll have to ask The Chunky Dog when I get home! He never turns down a chance to be awesome though...

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