Fitness Fun Fridays #10

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Ok, here's the deal. My computer contracted some kind of virus/spyware thing, and I unfortunatly have to reformat the entire thing. It's no big deal actually, but it's just kind of a pain in the butt. I have to save all my music, school work, chiro stuff, and pictures. Funny thing though, my entire life fits on about 30 gigs of space... I guess I'm easy going :)

So today marks (trumpet sounding... da da-da-da da), the Ab Show. Yes, you read it right, six pack, washboard, whatever you want to call them... abdominals. I wonder where all this infaturation with the stomach started... I feel like people would respect the President more if he had a nice stomach or something. From a professional standpoint, the "core" as we call it is very important, because it links the upper and lower body together. It's kind of like a bridge, so a weak bridge makes for an overall weaker whole. Think about picking a box up... it requires using your legs, glutes, low back, arms, just about everything. As a chiropractor (2 more months) I've seen people having "pulls" in their back because of a weak midsection. We need to have a strong, almost "corset" like section, so we can effectively move and generate power.

Plus ripped abs look nice, right? I think girls like them...

So this post is going to show you what I've done, and what I think works for most people. How am I so sure? Well, I've kind of been there, guys and gals... and it's not as hard as you think. With the proper diet... (soooooo important) you can do it too :)

So here's some basic ab exercises... once again courtesy of

Leg Pull In - lower abs
Hanging Leg Raise - lower abs
Side Bridge - obliques

These are pretty much all that you need to do. Now I'm going to stress something that is very important, but still common sense. Whenever you do these exercises, please pull with your abs! I know that sounds funny, but sometimes people do these movements without contracting their core. For instance, it is very possible to do a standard crunch... by bringing your chin to your chest with your arms. The problem here is that your abs aren't being used. Now, if you lay on the floor, tighten up your stomach, and pull your ribcage towards your legs with the movement, you're going to feel it much better.

The same goes with the leg lifts. We (as a nation/culture) have very tight and short hip flexors. This is due to the fact that we sit all the time, so they shorten. So, if you do a leg lift or raise without focusing on your abs, the hip flexors (which are stronger) are going to take over in the movement. Try and visualize what you are doing, and see if that helps keep the muscle contracted.

I hope all this information helps. I would have someone train abs about 2x a week, with about 6 sets for an upper and lower abominal exercise. Repetition ranges can be anywhere from 10-30 reps. Abs may take a longer time to 'tire out' so some people need higher repetitions to reach that level. Always make sure that you breathe out on the contraction, and that you use plenty of control. The second you feel your form get sloppy, it's time to take a short break.

Always train abdominals and core exercises after your other bodypart workouts, or on an "off" day. The reason for this is because you don't want a tired out core, and then go into other lifting. For example, if you are doing a squat or lunge (which are good for the glutes, Dee), you are using your abs to stabilize your body. If those muscles are fatigued before you attempt the leg workout, there's a possiblity you'll have a much harder time doing the exercise, and may even set yourself up for injury. Just something to think about...

One quick last thing. I know this is going to kill a few hopes and dreams, and I'm very, very sorry to say this but... Abdominal work will not help you develop abdominal muscles, if they are covered up with fat. I know. I know. I'm sorry. This idea is called 'spot reduction' and in my opinion, it is a myth. You do a lot of walking right? Do you still have fat on your legs? Bodyfat is bodyfat, and your body stores it where ever it wants to. So if you want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Arnold, or that dude Jesse from Big Brother, it's all about diet and lower bodyfat.

However, strong abs are still very, very important... and remember, the more muscle you have, the easier time you will have burning bodyfat :)

Ok, I have to cut this short because I'm still computerless :) Let me know if you have any other questions about abdominal work, exercises in general, or if you just want to remind me that I'm awesome :) Thanks so much for all the positive feedback, and I'm glad you all liked the apple post too :) Next week I'll get into workout nutrition, and maybe a few tricks or two. Happy weekend, ladies and germs.

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Another great post! Haha.. I'll admit to be one of those people trying to do sit ups and not really using my core. My brother used to make fun of me and imitate me by lying down and moving only his head up and down.

I'm so sorry about the spyware, it's so easy to get it without knowing sometimes so I just don't let my parents use the computer.. just kidding!

#1: I love Fight Club, even though we do not talk about Fight Club. #2: I am so mad that man has a washboard against his chest. #3: Thank you for numero 10 for FFF.

I just came to remind me that you're awesome! Lol! I'm going to buy a new computer tomorrow! Yeah! Maybe our computers got sick from talking the other day...
Oh abs... I really hate crunches... But yes I do all the ones you mentioned... maybe not enough... maybe not right enough... I'm just lazy.
Anyway I want to suggest a new theme for a futur FFF, breathing. i think I have it all messed up :)!
Have a great computerless weekend!

Sorry about your computer. I love your Friday posts. I can always work my abs more. Thanks for the tips.

Love the abs.

Ahh so sorry that you have to be without your computer :0(

Hi Adam. I'm back to read your Friday Fitness tips. Not that I expect to do them, but I like to pretend that I would and then I would have great abs too. Just kidding. Even your mind is in great shape kiddo. Good post, once again.

these fitness segments are great, Adam! They're my motivation for working out on weekends!

Great tip on training the abdominals on an "off" day, I'll have to remember that! A very informative post as usual Adam.
Sorry to hear about your computer, hope its better now :)

Abs are the one thing I don't mind doing at the gym. Good info! Good luck getting your computer straightened out.

Adam you're so smart. You explain everything so well. It's so true that having a strong core not only links the upper & lower, but also protects your back, supports your back from injury. A corset is the perfect word.
You know you're going to make a kickass chiropractic? (you knew this already though).
And did you have to go and mention Jesse? I'm so in love with his body, err I mean him. LOL
Can I put in a request for a future "hot body workout with Adam show"? Safe & strengthening back stretches. I so need to have my back safely stretched, lower mostly.

Oohh Adam, sorry by your computer, Ihope be OK soon(I sound how your PC were a person my God!!!!)
ooh Adam always when I come here I laugh alot but reminder my excersices, Im lazy!! I want to swimm soon! done!! a little more sun and I run to the pool!!(Is my favorite, swimm!!)
But professor Im continue walking a lot!! is OK?? and Thank's God I dont have a car!!! so I walk! /take bus and subway)
Good weekend to you and really hope your PC is OK ji, Gloria

Abs, there's something I haven't worked out in a while....pretty overdue on that...Anyway- I like the FFF's good stuff (though I'm not much for the sciencey part- I'll leave that to you, and you can just tell me what to do)

Also- you should check out my blog; I broke down and made one- I just hope the internet can handle our combined awesomeness!

HOnestly, I doubt that ripped abs would do much for the president but we won't even go there. Another great tutorial that really makes me want to read something from a Maxine cartoon - kind of like "abs, my age honey, I'm happy to see my feet"

Sorry to hear about the computer problems, the same thing happened to me so many times after hanging around naughty websites ..err.. oops! umm.. Scratch that! hehehehe (nervous laughter)

It's me on the picture by the way, smoking the cigarette... k, i wish! Gotta start doing those crunches. Thanks for the tips.

Hooray for the great exercises - thank you for the awesome tips! I hope your computer recovers soon - tech complications are no fun!

Oh -sorry about your computer! Best of luck getting up and running again!

Another great post, one I seriously need. I swear if I ever gain huge amounts of weight I will resemble the cousin of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I think my legs will be a size 0 for the rest of my life, even if the top is a size 20 or beyond. I gain all my weight in my stomach!

Anyway, I enrolled in the Hip Hop class and it starts on Tuesday! I'm so excited!

I wish I had ripped abs but two c-sections messed them up a bit. Thanks for the information... I am off to do some sit ups - I'll make sure to pull with my abs. Another great post Adam.

It's amazing how much the core affects everything else. Although I'm not a fan of ripply abs on guys, too intimidating LOL! Hope your computer woes get sorted soon. Such a pain when they break down. Great post once again! :D

It's amazing how much the core affects everything else. Although I'm not a fan of ripply abs on guys, too intimidating LOL! Hope your computer woes get sorted soon. Such a pain when they break down. Great post once again! :D

good luck with the computer, i'm off to go find my abs...

Another great Fitness Fun Friday Edition!! I'm just looking forward on seeing you next time with a video and doing some abs for us LOL that would be fun!! I'm kinda been so busy these past few days, I miss my daily dose of blog hopping :-) Hope you had a great weekend!

ps, and Oh i love fight club and brad pitt ! too bad he's in angelina's arms already LOL

Abs-solutely fabulous post, Adam! Sorry, that was pretty lame *sigh*

I do a lot of pilates and it's all about the core, too. Sadly, the only six pack I have is in the fridge. It's those greedy little fat cells, and all the chocolate they MAKE me bake.

By the way, forgot to tell you that you're awesome ;)

Hey Adam, I gave you an award - check out my blog to receive it.

Hey Adam, I gave you an award - check out my blog to receive it.

I can't believe you're so relaxed about your computer issue - I'd be a completely freaking. Very impressive.

Ab info is great bc I think a lot folks really misunderstand both how to get them (overall body fat) and how to properly *do* the exercises.

According to the jar, Vietnamese cinnamon is "the most potent, richest, and sweetest cinnamon in the world." I haven't compared it to regular cinnamon side-by-side in the same recipe, but it definitely smells incredible and tasted fabulous in the banana bars!

One of the very few body parts I am proud is my abs, under all that fat there is a set of nice abs, I know because that's what we focused on more when I was in the track and field team and even if I don't work out any other part of my body, that's the only muscle set that I always try to work out :-p

hey you... u got what you wanted! go to the site and u'll see!

Sucks when computers go haywire.. Been there way too many times and it's not fun.
Oh, and I know girls like them (abs) :)

I LOVE the idea of adding apples with the carrots. That's a really nice recipe. The only thing I would change is the canola oil - I can't stand it and I believe every word of its bad press about how its genetically modified. Plus I swear I can taste it. I bake with safflower oil and it's fine...I suppose a cream cheese (or even better, a cream cheese AND white chocolate ;-)) icing would be out of the question, from a dietary perspective...