Daring Bakers: Mission Eclair

Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor day to everyone today :) I hope you are all very laborless, unless maybe you are having a baby or something... Today is going to be a super short post, because of the holiday and a bunch of stuff going on, but I'll be back early next week :) Oh, and sorry about the lack of comments on my part... I'll be able to play catch up and see your sweet creations once I get back downstate.

Today, besides the holiday is a cool day, because it marks my first Daring Bakers Challenge. That's right, kids, every month, you and I will be daring with dynamite :) My inspiration for joining this group was due to the fact that I often bake my "comfort go to's" and don't branch out enough.

Well, with these Chocolate Eclairs... I branched out, dude. I'm pretty much bought a whole tree, because I would never make something like this on my own. I mean that in a good way though, because growth and experience are what keeps us alive :)
We were allowed a couple of changes to the recipe, as long as we kept one chocolate element. Seeing how I am not a real chocolate head... (I'm a jam head, according to both myself and Cookie), I chose to keep the classic chocolate glaze, and change up the filling.

Anybody here like grasshopper cookies, or those Girl Scout Mint Thins, or something like that?

I do. Mint is a very misunderstood herb I think.

So I decided to go with a vanilla cream filling, but I added a little mint extract to make it more like a vanilla mint cream. Couple that with the chocolate glaze, and bam... you have an awesome minty cream combo :) Overall, I really enjoyed this challenge. I want to thank the DBers for helping each other out, and it's nice to have such a great, friendly group out there. Eclairs are fun, and had quite a few steps, but they were all easy. I want to thank Big Tony over at Olive Juice, and Meeta over at What's for Lunch, Honey? for hosting this event (both of their sites and pics are rediculous professional looking). Head on over there if you haven't already, and be sure to check out all the other DBers. Where everywhere, it's the eclair show today.

Things I've learned:
  • Everyone likes eclairs
  • Choux pastry is more than just a funny word
  • Trying new recipes make us better bakers
  • Eclair making can be messy

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Dude - I don't like eclairs. I know! Anyway, welcome to the group :)

"I hope you are all very laborless, unless maybe you are having a baby or something... " HAHA!!! Adam, you're too funny :0)

Love your flavor-variation for the éclairs!! C'est fantastique!

dude, the mint combo sounds amazing! and your line at the beginning made me CRACK UP! Welcome to the DB!

Adam I think yours are wonderful!! look so nice (me?? Im making your cookie recipe) xxGloria

They look fabulous.

A great first DB challenge for you! They look great. But I can't take looking at all these beautiful eclairs anymore. They are my favorite dessert and no bakeries are open to get one...boo hoo!

Yummy! Congrats on your first challenge! Mint eclairs sound AWESOME.

I'm so glad you joined! It's allways nice to have a jam head close by! ;)

The inspiration on the grasshopper cookies was great, I love mint so i'm sure they tasted wonderful! Maybe next time you should consider the addition of a real grashopper, you know, just to add some crunch!

Well done!

Guardare quelle favolose.
La glassa è così spesso, pensando bene.
(those look amazing/fabulous. that frosting is so thick, good thinking).
I have to start praticing my Italian--lol
I need to join TWD, but you know I don't even own a stand up mixer. I do everything by hand. Crazy I know, but those mixers are so expensive.

these look nice. Although I m not sure about the vanilla mint combo. IMade me feel like making eclairs :-)

I like your mint idea Adam. Your eclairs look puffy and cute! After this baking challenge I think I really need to do some sort of muscle training!

You're a funny phish. And I sure do like your subtly surprising vanilla mint choc combo. It can make beautiful poetry.

Great job Adam! They look fantastic. I love that you added mint - my husband would have LOVED that. Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

Great job on your first challenge! Looks like you got better results than I did.

Hehehe... eclairs are messy, that's too true. Your eclairs look delicious, I may just have to steal a piece :P Congrats on your first DB challenge, you definitely rocked it!

I love grasshopper flavored stuff. I bet these tasted great. Congrats on joining the Daring Bakers!

Ooh, delish delish. I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate-mint stuff - always makes me feel like I've got toothpaste in my chocolate lol. Your eclairs still tempt me though :)

I'm so with you on the mint thing - absolutely love it!!

Great variation :)

Pssst - I've just signed up to DB myself - eeek!!!

I always knew you were a daring baker Adam but now you've made it official. Congrats :)
Love your minty kick!

Welcome to DB - fun huh? You did a great job on the eclairs and I really like the changes. I had to miss this month - darn - sometimes life just gets in the way...imagine.

i love how the way that choco is spread over on the top :-) you did a great job Adam!!

You did good, Adam. Especially with that killer mint addition. I like mint; my husband thinks it tastes like toothpaste. The wife is always right ;)

WOW! These look amazing. I'm so glad we joined at the same time. Now we can compare notes ahead of time. :)

Chocolate and mint go brilliantly together. Welcome to DB! :)

Chocolate and mint? Perfect! Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

Wow great eclairs Adam! They look fantastic!

Are you ready for the opening weekend of NFL :)? It'll be interesting because the Dolphins' quarterback used to wear a Jets jersey...not too long ago!

Congrats on your first challenge. I LOVE grasshopper cookies, what a brilliant idea. Sheer genius I tell you! They look just beautiful.

I have seen so many eclair pictures the past few days, I'm tempted to make them myself! I love the vanilla mint cream idea :)

Good job Adam. Mint filling, I like it.
So, speaking of trees, if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? You did. Great post, as always.

Great job on your first DB challenge!!!!! You are such a natural! :)

I love PB &J's..and in a muffin form...what could be better????

These sound wonderful! I'm a sucker for mint chocolate chip ice cream.