The Awards Show

Posted by Adam | Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is going to be a super quick post. If you have some Olympic watching, homework, baking, or playing with your dog to do... then by all means just scroll down and just look at the cool looking pictures. I've been very honored in my short time here (the Blogspace) to accumulate a couple of awards. All of these are really cool, and like all bloggers, I appreciate meeting new people and knowing that we all make a difference in each others minds and stomachs :)

So without further adieu.... the awards. PS... I have a hard time picking people for these awards, if you want one feel free to take it. I feel like I leave people out or something :)

Shreya of Mom's Cooking has given me not one... but TWO awards. How's that for a surprise? She is like the award queen. Here are the Best Blog Dart Thinker Award, and the Beautiful Site Award. Thank you so very much...

The almighty Recipe Girl has given me the Yum-Yum Blog Award. Who doesn't love an Oscar type statue with a cupcake?... it's right up our alley.
And finally, those experimental, cool cats Giz and Psychgrad over at Equal Oppertunity Kitchen have awarded me the Magic Lamp of Luck Award, which is very, very nice. Luck is something we all can never had enough of... and 3 wishes would be awesome too.
So there you have it... I know it's pretty sweet to have an award wall. I think I'm cooler than the Code-Man from Step by Step.... yeah that's too easy right?

Don't worry, tomorrow's FFF will be up in the afternoon, and I think it'll have some really great information in it. You guys all gave me a ton of ideas and questions to answer, so after I look over some notes and organize, put the learning caps on.

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At first I thought it was you in the photo! Congratulations on all those awards, you gold medalist of the blogoland!

At first I thought it was you in the photo! Congratulations on all those awards, you gold medalist of the blogoland!

Hooray for blogging awards!!! And I'm looking forward to FFF, of course :0)

Congrats on all the awards! Your comment today on the quiche had me cracking up :)

Congrats on the rewards, Adam!

Congratulations!!! So very, very well deserved!!

Dear Adam,. congrats by your Awards!! well deserved! xxGloria

Yay for Adam! You so deserve it, my blogger friend :)

Like the new design.

21 days to make a habit, that's really interesting. I had good workout/eating habits before we moved earlier in the summer, and since then I've been countering my grad school anticipation (read: phobias) with, er, cartons of ice cream. :) About time to figure out how the university gym works! :)

Well look at you! Congratulations on your awards. And I don't think you're a greedy bugger at all. :D Well deserved, my friend.

Congrats on the blog awards. Don't they feel great?

I always laugh when I see those reassurances you always have to give women about "bulking up". After all of these years, some women still need to hear it. As I see it, I'd much rather have big bulky muscles than flabby piles of fat, so even if I could bulk up, I wouldn't care! I'd rather have boulders for shoulders than bat wings for triceps!

I always say people who hate to exercise have such narrow definitions of exercise. Exercise = gym drudgery to so many people. I get my exercise from riding my horses and tap dancing just as much as I get it from my gym rat days - and I have FUN doing it. People also worry too much that if they try a new activity, they won't excel at it. You don't have to be successful at a sport. You don't have to be brilliant. You just have to enjoy it!

Hi, you forgot the one I gave you, this is the link:

Have a nice day :)

Congrats on your awards, Adam! And i love the new look you've got going on!

...please where can I buy a unicorn?