Month-Aversaries? Do People Still Do That?

Posted by Adam | Posted in , , | Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well a monster has been created. A pretty good looking monster, but a monster none the less. I'm not really a guy that celebrates month-versaries, but I've been doing the food blog thing for that long already. I know it's not that long compared to some of the foodie flying veterans on here, but as AC/DC once said "it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll".

I want to thank Jenn over at The LeftOver Queen, for putting together the blogroll, and letting me join. I think it's a great idea to link everyone together, and it makes this small world of ours seem even more close knit. Thanks to alphabetical listing, and signing up only yesterday, I'm first on the "new" list, and have met cool new people already. When you have people from as far as Australia saying "Yo cool food dude" or something, it's a nice feeling. I swear if the rest of the world can bond over food like this, world peace would be easy beans.

So personally, internet-lly, I'd like to tell all the cool people I've met that I appreciate your help and comments. Everytime you make comment at Baking with Dynamite, an Adam smiles and a college kid finds a quarter in a couch... seriously. I'm having a blast with this blog, with most of it being due to the nice people I have found.

I'm sad to say though, there is no baking today, and maybe not until Sunday. Tomorrow I am taking a bus down south to Richmond to meet an old friend of mine, and look at a few job prospects. I'll be busy interviewing and checking out what Virginia has to offer a young soon to be graduate, besides awesome southern food. If anyone has any stories about areas they've lived and visited, I'm all ears. Mmmm I do love my cornbread. However, I'll see if I can post later this week for First Thursdays, where I am attempted a recipe to test out my Polish roots. I don't want to give it away, but the recipe is famous, and you might stain your hands while making it...

I figure if there's no food, then why hang out here? Um, because... I'll put cool pictures up! For your viewing pleasure... if you'd like, I'll put a couple pictures up of things not food related, including a bit about me.
Here's our dog Remy, with a kind of before and after picture. Yes he's a Great Dane, and he probably outweighs a lot of you, but he's the most gentle creature I've ever had. He's a little over a year old now, and I try to spend alot of time with him whenever I come home. Oh, and my old man is about 6ft tall.

Here's a couple old bodybuilding pics from 2007. One is a few weeks out and the other is at the competition. I weight a little more nowadays.

And this one is from Saturday with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday. I think it's nice.

That's pretty much it. I'll be back later this weekend to talk about good food and good times. Hopefully I'll get some nice summer pictures, some real good news, and some Virginia food for you all. Have a safe 4th of July, and don't go lighting fireworks with Johnny 8 Fingers, you know they call him that for a reason. Until then, in the words of Will Ferrell, I'm outtie 5000...

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Happy month-versary!! There's no rules that say you can't celebrate a month of blogging. I'm glad that you started your blog, AND joined the foodie blogroll :0)

So fun to learn more about you through photographs; and aww, Remy is precious!

Have fun in Richmond!

I love Remy! My cousin has 2 Danes and I just love them to pieces!

Happy blog-o-versary! And man, those are some seriously ripped muscles!

So glad to have you on The Foodie Blogroll! it is amazing how many people one can meet through the world of food!

Time sure flies by especially when your baking! I didn't even realize that in a little over a week, it will be one month for me too.

Good luck with the job interviews. I hope that you'll still find time to blog when you're working because Adam posts are always fun to read!

Hey Adam,

Have been enjoying your blog ... keep up the good work!

Remy is just a doll baby and who would have thought that you were such a hottie ... LOL ... how do you eat all those desserts and keep in shape.


Congrats on your month-versary! I've never had one of those, but it's too late to regret it now...*sigh*.

Hope you'll bring us good news about the job interviews!

Hey you have a very cool blog. Congrats and congrats on graduating. I am planning to go to NYCC for chiro in Jan. I was hoping you can tell me more about the school since you have experienced it.


Dang those are some muscles! Happy one-monthiversary - people totally still do that :) your dog looks awesome too. MMmmmmm cornbread.

Veggie - Thanks a lot. I'm glad I did too and met you guys. Richmond was a blast, there's alot to do in that town :)

Jenn - Yeah it def is amazing to meet all these people. How can the world go wrong with nice dogs and good food?

Steph - Congrats on your upcoming month-versary. I like reading all your cool posts too :)

Denise - Thanks a lot, I'll do my best. As far as being in shape, well that was about a year ago. Back in those days I couldn't look at brownies without consequences. I have a little more fun now...

Lore - You've got to hit another milestone eventually... and if not just celebrate a Monday or something :)

Anonymous - Sure I'll help you out however I can. I just kinda need an email or something to contact you with...

Laura - Ha Thanks on all counts. I imagine I could be a bit of a prize with muscles, a dog, and cornbread.

Your dog is so cute, big but cute.

Congrats on the bodybuilding, that is a huge commitment. Good luck with Chiro school, I share the same love for the body and have much respect for chiros...mine has kept me running and active though some chronic injuries. I'd advocate A.R.T. to anyone.

Thanks a bunch. It's always great to hear chiropractic stories. I'll probably put some workout and chiropractic advice on this site eventually.

And yes, A.R.T does wonders

OMG..young man! You can cook the way you do and have muscles like that??? Wow. I think that is way cool. Way to go Adam!