Flushed out in Flushing

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Long Island is an interesting place. Being from upstate NY, the people, the weather, and the pure volume of cars on the road is much different from what I'm used to. I don't pop my shirt collar. I don't own designer anything. I don't spend an hour in my car to drive 10 miles. It might sound like I'm complaining, but it's not really that bad. If you have never been to NYC or the downstate NY area, I reccomend visiting. There's tons of things to do, and if you're poor, people watching can be your national pastime. But let's not kid ourselves here. There's like 10 million people on this rock... So the ultimate reason to go...

The grand daddy, the big kahuna, the numero uno, the head hancho...


This weekend a few friends and I went down for the Mets/Rangers down in Flushing. We also checked out China town and Little Italy also. It's quite a sight because they are just a street down from each other. On one street I was surrounded by Asians and words I couldn't read, and then I take another step and like globe warp to Pasta Land. There's whole chickens roasting, rice frying, pasteries galore, and pizzas being thrown around Definately a cool feeling.

Here's some cool things I tried and ate...

Budda's Delight / Coconut Juice / Chinese Sponge Cake / Local Market

So... after our gastronomical adventure in the afternoon, we took the train to Shea Stadium to see the New York Mets play the Texas Rangers. It was a bit raining and gloomy, but we were optimistic about it.

Um, that was a mistake.

The rain

Apparently it was monsoon season on Saturday. I felt like I was on the set of Lost and it just randomly pours an ocean on you. We were cold and wet, but Mets fans are diehards. With every lightning bolt we got louder and louder, as if cheering defied the weather and pushes it away. Even the players goof around, which was sweet.

Wright, Reyes, and others sliding

So, no baking today. Thought I would take a break and show you some cool things I saw this weekend. Thanks for reading and I'll make sure I whip something sweet up in few days.

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"I don't pop my shirt collar" thank goodness, haha :0)

NYC is where my heart is - it's such an exhilarating location, unlike any other place in the world.

Oooh. Chinese sponge cake - that sounds good.

I want to go to NYC! You're lucky you can just drive there.

Sorry about the rain. Yesterday it poured here, then we had hail for 10 minutes. Awful.

Ah, thanks for saying downstate area. Only someone who is truly from upstate would say that. I hate it when city people call Westchester "upstate". We're as far south as you can be without being in the city!

That sponge cake looks so good, light, airy and not too heavy! I've always wanted to go to NYC. Actually I'm curious about chinese food from other countries and how they compare to each other.

Veggie - :) I agree there is all types of everything here.

Em - Yeah the sponge cake is pretty awesome. We should try anad collaborate on it sometime. If it ever stops hailing, come fly to NYC.

Shorty - Ha I'm glad I spoke like a true Albany kid.

Steph - My roomate is Vietnamese. Asian food is very very diverse from each other.

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Ohhh I want to go to NYC so bad. like 90% of everyone else in the world lol. Cool post, I like seeing what things are like in other peoples' neck of the woods. Coconut juice sounds nice...

Isn't Chinatown great? I love it. Great food and cheap. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.