Let's start this thing

Posted by Adam | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alright... so I'm starting a blog about baking and desserts. It might not get read by a million people, it might not be super pretty, but hey, it's going to be a good time.

I've been told that I'm a lot of things... but computer savvy and literate is not one of them. So, for the two readers out there, bear with me. I'll get the blog more into my style and personality as I go along and learn on the road. We're baking with dynamite here, so if things get a little messy, it's a ok.

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Great name! I love it.

It takes time to get this going.

I'm w/ emiline - it does take time to get a blog going. keep the faith and just have fun. F thinking about how many (or little) people are getting to your blog... slowly but surely more people will come. "when you build it they will come"....

GOOD LUCK! we seriously need more male bakers in this food blog community!!

:) Those are both great things to hear. My main idea was just to have a good time and make some friends on the way. As far as male bakers go, I definitely understand. It takes a special man to make pink frosting.